How to increase testosterone levels quickly


Dangers of having low testosterone

Testosterone is an integral part of the human endocrine system. They are hormones that aid in a wide range of body functions, including the regulation of fat distribution, muscle growth, bone strength, red blood cell generation and (perhaps most importantly) creating a sex drive. Men need testosterone for a variety of reasons. Indeed, many people use testosterone enhancers or boosters to improve the overall quality of their life. Aged men need testosterone primarily for increasing libido, whereas younger people – especially athletes and sportsmen – need them for building muscle mass and strength. Doctors may also prescribe testosterone supplements for people who have a testosterone deficiency (caused by conditions such as Male Hypogonadism). Indeed, in each case, testosterone seems to provide very good results.

It is important to understand what testosterone are, and what are the dangers of low testosterone in the human body.

What testosterone does in our body?

Testosterone’s primary function is the development of male sex organs before birth. Inadequate amounts of T in the body causes the genitals or other reproductive organs to be undersized or underdeveloped. On a secondary level, testosterone is responsible for the development of certain sexual characteristics such as the growth of facial and pubic hair, genital enlargement, and deepening of the voice. In essence, testosterone is largely responsible for reproduction and hence are often associated with male health and well-being.

Beyond reproductive functions, testosterone is also responsible for keeping the body healthy and active by helping grow muscle and bone strength, regulating fat distribution across the body and keeping up production of red blood cells for a healthy circulation.

What causes low testosterone?

As a person’s age progresses, testosterone production will naturally decrease. As a result, you feel a decrease in libido (sex drive) and an increase in fatigue as you grow older. Some people just treat these situations simply as a result of aging. However, these symptoms are caused by decreased T levels in the body. This means that if you were to keep your T levels high as you grow old, you will not feel the effects of aging as profoundly as others. This also explains how certain senior citizens can sometimes be more active than middle-aged men.

Certain medical conditions might also cause testosterone deficiencies. Case in point is hypogonadism, where the genitals remain underdeveloped. Some of these conditions can be congenital (by birth), whereas others might be onset due to certain environmental factors.

The dangers of low testosterone

Since testosterone are intricately linked to so many vital body functions, T deficiency can cause a lot of problems.

  • Stunted reproductive development – A lack of testosterone directly results in the underdevelopment of reproductive organs, especially during puberty. This can adversely affect a person’s sex life and general performance in physically demanding tasks
  • Decreased sex drive –Even when the genitals are not underdeveloped, a lack of testosterone can drastically decrease a person’s sex drive. Conditions such as erectile dysfunction can then arise. These circumstances can sometimes be very upsetting and bring on an inferiority complex and decrease in confidence
  • Weak bones – Testosterones help make bones stronger by making them denser. A person with T deficiency will more than likely have weak bones, prone to fracturing and breakages. In fact, studies have shown that a number of osteoporosis cases are caused by low T levels in the body
  • Low muscle development – Testosterone is often associated with masculinity, simply because it helps the growth of muscles in the body. This is one of the reasons why men are more muscular than women. Without adequate levels of testosterone, body muscles will not grow. When you work out, the pain you feel afterward is caused by rips in your muscles on a microscopic level. The body heals those rips with more tissue, causing the muscle to become stronger and more “muscular”. Testosterone helps heal muscles faster, and without them, the muscles cannot grow very easily
  • Obesity – Low T levels have been known to cause obesity since testosterone helps regulate fat distribution in the body. According to studies, obese men have 30% lower testosterone levels than non-obese men. Similarly, over 70% of men who are morbidly obese have a severe testosterone deficiency (Male Hypothyroidism). Further studies show that testosterone therapy helps obese men lose weight.
  • Depression and anxiety – Testosterone deficiency can indirectly and negatively impact a person’s emotional well-being. Due to a lack of physical prowess (whether in bed or out in the field), obesity or simply a hormonal imbalance impacting the brain, a person can become depressed, irritable and fatigued, causing more problems such as obesity. An increase in testosterone levels should see you through these problems.
  • Reduced concentration – High testosterone levels have shown to improve thinking and spatial recognition abilities among men, and decreased chances of Alzheimer’s disease with progressing age. A lack of testosterone will, in essence, has the opposite impact; decreased mental faculties and an increased risk of Alzheimer’s.

Home Remedies for testosterone production

After you have understood the dangers of having the low testosterone, why put much stress of actually having one while you could actually improve it using some of the natural remedies mentioned below. There are countless home remedies but we’re going to show you top 3 that’s been actually useful and helpful to me.

So here they are:

Exercise and Lift Weights

Not only does the exercise and lifting weight either at the gym or even at home makes your position smart but it also helps in improving your testosterone. I can’t put much stress on using this option because not only has this helped me out but countless other people in the world too.

Minimize Stress and Cortisol Levels

You probably have heard that being in stress for a long period of time doesn’t only affect your height but it also gives you the hell lot of skin problems as well, and at the end of the way, after losing those stuff, there’s no way you won’t lose your testosterone. So be happy all the time! 🙂

Get Plenty of Restful, High-Quality Sleep

Let’s follow up the previous loses in this heading and ways to recover it. Getting a ton of periods of sleep doesn’t only help you in gaining your height but it also helps in skin care, so be sure that you are having 8-10 quality sleeps without being interrupted.

Use testosterone boosters to get ahead

If you’re suffering from a testosterone deficiency, you might want to look into good testosterone boosters such as Prime Male Testosterone booster. There are Replacement Therapy options available as well. Both of these methods further have natural or synthetic options available.

Testosterone boosting can change and improve the quality of your life drastically. But it is important to note that not all deficiencies need immediate treatment. Many people face some level of T deficiency at some point, and some lifestyle adjustments (such as dieting and exercise) can easily rectify such situations. T boosters and supplements should only be taken if necessary and should not be abused or overused.

If you need a testosterone boost, you must always consult with your doctor first, because everyone’s body has very specific testosterone requirements. Doctors and physicians observe patients over the course of time after administering drugs, and hence they are most qualified to tell you how much dosage you need, and what kind of supplement is right for you.

Get rid of your testosterone deficiency the right way and avoid adverse side effects.


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