7 Best Exercises To Improve Neck Posture

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Poor neck posture can happen due to several reasons some of which are weakened muscles of the neck and upper back. As a result of the weakened muscles, the neck tends to slump forward thereby putting pressure on your spine.

Over a long time duration, this may cause problems with the spinal bone joints resulting in pain as well as postural changes. Changes in neck posture and weakening of muscles could also cause numbness in the arms, shoulder area, and other surrounding portions.

Certain neck exercises and back stretches help to improve the neck posture. Let us have a look at the 7 best exercises that help in improving the neck posture.

1. Shoulder Blade Pinch Exercise:

To work on your neck posture, you must strengthen your back muscles, especially the upper back. A strengthened upper back prevents slouching and forward movement. This particular exercise helps tremendously to strengthen the back muscles; it is called the should pinch.

It is quite simple, just pull back both your shoulders to your back together and hold for few seconds and then release. Repeat this about ten times a day, while sitting or standing whatever is comfortable for you.

2. Pec Stretch:

This exercise helps to strengthen your pec muscles which improves the neck posture. Stand facing a wall while keeping some distance between your body and the wall and keep both your hands & forearms on the wall.

Put one leg forward and push your body towards the wall; repeat the same process with the other leg. Make at least 15 repetitions with both legs in a day to strengthen your pec muscles.

3. Head Tilt:

  • A simple yet effective exercise to strengthen your neck muscles is the head tilt.
  • Stand with your head straight and tilt it down such that your chin touches the chest –
  • hold for few seconds and then tilt it to the back as much as you can and again hold for few seconds.
  • Make 15 repetitions each day for improving the neck posture.

4. Head Sideways Turn:

A simple exercise which can be done at home; turn your head on one side such that you are stretching it and then do the same with another side. Make at least 15-20 repetitions per side for an improved neck posture. Remember you need to return to your neutral position before switching sides.

5. Stretch Your Neck:


A very efficient neck exercise; you need to stretch your neck forward such that your back doesn’t move only the neck is stretched forward. This stretches your neck as well as the back muscles. Do this 30 minutes each day for a better neck posture and tight neck & shoulder muscles.

6. Head Sideways Tilt:

Stand upright in a straight position; tilt your head towards the left shoulder such that the side of your head is very close to the left shoulder and hold the position for at least 5 seconds.

Bring your head back to the neutral position and then repeat the same step by tilting your head to the right shoulder.

7. Clockwise Head Turn:


Stand upright and turn your head in a clockwise motion; repeat the turn however this time in an anti-clockwise motion. Do 10 repetitions with both turn motions for strengthened neck muscles resulting in a good neck posture.

Some other tips for a good neck posture include using a firm pillow for sleeping and avoiding carrying heavy bags.

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