How to improve health naturally

How to improve health naturally
(Last Updated On: 2019-06-03)

10 Ways to boost your health

Healthy living is the dream of many people.

If you were to question what is the most important thing 8 out of 10 people would without even thinking reply good health. But, sadly, if you ask them if they are putting enough effort to boost their health, you will find the answer that the maximum number of people would give would be NO.the most often cited reason is that I do not have time for it. but taking care of your health and boosting your health using the Life changing health tips that are quite simple and easy to follow could well change the scenario.

Ways to boost your health

Dealing with HDL

Chips and sandwich are the favorite food for many. Sadly, they do more harm than good to your body.  A research conducted at Virginia suggests that replacing the chips and sandwich with 3-ounce pistachio that is unsalted every day for a period of four weeks could raise the HDL Cholesterol which is a good kind of cholesterol by at least 6%.

Exercise for your ears

Fine-tuning your ears is another life-changing health tip that can be practiced for quite a short time daily if you want to keep you hearing normal for quite a long time. The ear exercise encompasses fine-tuning ears with music. The exercise goes like this. You should listen to the music and must be able to engage in normal conversation. Over time you should practice the art of singling out the instruments. This will help you perceive more details which would, in turn, help you perceive details in everyday life.

Drink more water

Inculcating the habit of drinking more water daily is one of the simple Life changing health tips that can be followed quite easily. It is because 90 percent of our body is made of water and water is an essential ingredient for almost every function of the body. Drinking plenty of water is an easy remedy to deal with aches, pains, and headache.

Brisk walking

Walking is supposed to boost the functioning of the heart muscles in an optimal manner. a brisk walk in natural surroundings is a life-changing health Tip that will ensure that you get enough oxygenated air to help deal with bacteria and viruses and improves the breathing capacity of the lung. It is also a sure shot method to ensure that you get enough Vitamin D that is a very vital vitamin for which sunlight is a rich source.


Meditation is an ideal way to ensure that you have clear thoughts and are able to lead a balanced and peaceful life.  Deep breathing has been found to be successful in reducing the stress hormones secretion in the body. Meditation that involves deep breathing exercises are, therefore, is one of the Life changing health tips that you should follow for atleast 5-10 minutes a day to ensure a healthy life.

Sleep optimally

Sleep is essential to rejuvenate and re-energize you. good sleep at the end of the day is a complete refresher. Optimizing sleep not only energizes you but, it is also considered to be the best thing to fight obesity and other related epidemics.

Think positively

A higher level of optimism and positive thinking is considered to be linked to higher anti-oxidant levels, healthier cholesterol levels, lower inflammation and is believed to promote overall health. This can be attributed to the fact that the persons with positive thinking or optimists tend to have healthier habits such as getting regular exercise, sleeping better and eating better.

Life hacks to improve your health

Have a pet

Having a pet has an important role to play reducing the allergic reactions, boost immunity response of the body. This, in turn, will boost your health. Having a pet is an ideal mood balancer and stress buster. It will also ensure that you go out and exercise together.

Skip taking sugar

Sugar is believed to be one of the foods that can make you put on weight and lead you to the risk of acquiring Type 2 diabetes. It is because of the high level of processing that is employed in the manufacturing of sugar. Avoiding sugar also reduces acne and ward off the aging process.

Include Anti-inflammatory fats in your diet

Chia, flax, almonds, cashews, hemp, avocado etc are plant-based sources of omega 3 fats. They are supposed to be essential for reducing the risk of heart diseases as well as to improve the brain health. They are excellent plant-based omega 3 fats sources and including them in your diet could be one of the Life changing health tips that you can easily follow.


How to improve health naturally

Boost your health with these easy tips.


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  1. Each and every way that boost one’s health can be considered as a catalyst for the improvement of the areas of human immunity. Large sums of money are spent every year in medical treatment which can be converted to other uses if only simple rules of observing of how to boost health are adhered to. I learned this the hard way after I development diabetes many years ago. I observe the rules of boosting my health to the letter. I have developed a totally different mental attitude towards life. Long and better life can be derived by simply boosting one’s health. Your article is a move to that direction as part of the services you pursue on daily basis. Thank you very much for the honor of making me your guest in this wonderful forum.


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