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Importance Of Stretching Exercise

Stretching Exercise is a typical form of physiological exercise where specifically, muscles are spontaneously contracted for amending the muscles’ perceptive elasticity and achieve comfortable muscle tone.

In other cases, it is used for alleviating muscle cramps. Webhealthline stated that the importance of stretching exercise can’t be described in words because its need for the human body is immense. It is important for physical and spiritual fitness. In its literal form, stretching is an unprocessed but instinctive activity that is mainly performed by humans. Without stretching, the limbs of the human body become drastically weak and impaired and the frequency of injuries becomes severe. The muscles of the body become easily exhausted. Even spiritual peace can’t be achieved without stretching.

Exercise Equipment

It is quite impossible to specify exercise equipment as there are more than millions of exercise equipment which are directly or indirectly important to every individual. But there is specifically some equipment which is thoroughly important for stretching bodies. For instance- ‘Rower’, ‘Deadlift with Chains, Bands’, ‘Dip Machine’, ‘Hybrid Cycle’, ‘Tate Press’, ‘Lying T-Bar Row’, ‘Multi-Adjustable Bench’, ‘Hip Abductor’, ‘Functional Trainer’, ‘Power Station’, ‘Upright Cycle’.

The ‘Hybrid Cycle’ is used to stretch legs and keeps them relaxed even when running over unparalleled walkways, the ‘Hip Abductor’ will ensure to keep the hip in perfect shape, the ‘Multi-Adjustable Bench’ will help to relax the muscles of the body and most importantly the ‘Rower’ is used to maintain all-around fitness.


It is undoubtedly true that fitness and stretching are interrelated to each other in almost every way. We can become fit unless we stretch our bodies. Fitness enables us to augment our potentiality for work. The word ‘Fitness’ can be explicated as a condition that helps perceive and do our best. More specifically, it is the rendered ability of the human body to function with vigor, without undue fatigue, and with ample energy to engage in leisure activities. Fitness is most easily understood by examining the four basic parts:

Cardio-respiratory endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility. It also influences to some degree qualities such as mental alertness and sentimental stability.

Workout Routines

Before following this workout routine, we must know about the importance of stretching. Stretching can thoroughly help the circulation of blood flow in the human body. It also improves the flexibility of the muscles and helps to prevent many dangerous injuries. It strengthens our body parts and helps to attain fitness. The adaptive capability also augments because of stretching. It is therefore mandatory to abide by the workout routines to ensure a prosperous living.

This is a total body stretching workout routine where not all of these exercises are pure flexibility based, and there are several times while you are holding some of these positions when you will feel those muscles engage.

Workout Routine Structure:

Every position is to be held for 45 seconds, taking care to repeat each move in the same way and the same duration on both sides of the body and there must be a recess of 5 minutes after every 4 exercises. 11 movements in total are listed. These exercises should be regulated 5 days a week, every morning and afternoon.

  • Flat Back Toe Touch
  • Hip Flexor Lunge + Abs Stretch
  • Wide Hamstring & Back
  • Inside Thigh + Obliques
  • Downward Dog
  • Calf Stretch Planks
  • Deep Glute
  • Torso Rotations
  • Full Body

Workout Plans:

Workout planning is essential because, without a properly planned system, the exercises will be reasonless. Unless there is a planned workout process, none can become physically shaped and strong. A planned based workout is mentioned below:

SQUAT (Once a week)
Includes all the dumbbell variations.

DEADLIFT (Twice a week)
Includes traditional barbell deadlifts (arms outside legs), sumo-style (wide stance, arms inside legs), and straight-leg lifts.

HORIZONTAL PULL (Twice or Thrice a week)
It refers to the direction of movement if you were standing up. So if you’re doing a seated cable row or a bent-over dumbbell row, it’s still considered a horizontal pull.

HORIZONTAL PUSH (Twice a week)
Instances of these exercises include the classic pushup; the bench press with barbell or dumbbells; dips; and all their variations.

VERTICAL PULL (Twice a week)
Primarily includes chinups, pullups, and lat pulldowns.

It is strongly recommended to follow these workout plans to earn the real benefits of stretching.