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A quantitative study on the effects of beauty products

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The negative impact of cosmetics on skin health, what exactly is it?

Increasingly used by the fair sex folk remedies. This is due to the appearance on the Internet of information on the composition of cosmetics. A large number of components adversely affect the human body.

The skin is the largest human organ that can “breathe.” The problem is that all cosmetics create a film. The cream is recommended to be applied after washing immediately so that it is absorbed faster. But in fact, the effect is the opposite. The film on the skin contributes to the violation of intracellular metabolism, the body does not receive the necessary elements from the air.

“Besides, cosmetics contain harmful substances for humans. Once in the blood, they are spread throughout the body.”

The negative effect of synthetic preservatives

They are added to cosmetics to increase shelf life. They are not only the cause of allergies but also the development of malignant seals. Additionally, there is a failure in the development of the DNA of the woman, which will affect the health of the baby.

Formaldehyde contributes to the irritation of the inflammatory process of the shell of the eye, skin, and upper respiratory tract. It is also the cause of headaches, a bad mood, and bronchial asthma.

Triclosan is an antibacterial agent. Endocrine disruption occurs and skin irritation occurs. Thanks to research, it became clear that it is not eliminated from the body.

Harm artificial flavorings

If there is a flavoring in the composition, you can be sure that artificial perfumes or laura Mercier makeup were used in their manufacture. They negatively affect people who are prone to an allergic reaction. Additionally, there may be a negative reaction to the work of the nervous system.

“But even natural fragrances can cause allergies. Additionally, side effects may be caused by individual intolerance.”

Dangerous additives and their negative effects on the body:

  1. Albumen. It harms the skin.
  2. Bentonite. Dries out the skin and leads to faster aging.
  3. Talc. It is a carcinogen.
  4. Dyes. Causes irritation and inflammation.
  5. Aluminum silicate. Helps dry skin, leads to premature aging. Not eliminated from the body.

The problem with modern cosmetics is that it does not improve the quality of the skin, but, on the contrary, leads to its destruction.

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