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5 Things to Keep in Mind If You Are an Immigrant in UK

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Hom remediesLeaving your country and migrating to another for study and work reasons is daunting and intimidating as well. Adjusting and settling down in the new place and environment is one thing, but the horror of what a single wrong move can do is definitely enough to scare you. Countries around the world have upgraded their immigration policies that have also affected the immigrants already living in those countries. UK immigration policies have always been different and difficult because of major safety concerns. If you are currently an immigrant in the UK, here are some important things your UK immigration lawyer didn’t tell you.

Visa Processing Has Changed

If you are planning to go back to your country for some reason so that you can come back in the next few months, know that the visa and application process have changed completely. UK has left the EU, and after Brexit, new arrangements have taken place. From now onwards, you will have to apply for immigration permission even if you are currently in the UK and plan to stay after 31 December 2020 as well. Although the UK has left the EU, the country plans to treat both EU and non-EU companies likewise. New applications will be open from 1st January 2021 as all the pending applications were also dismissed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

You Have To Prove You Are Legal

As mentioned above, immigrants in the UK have to prove their legal immigration status by applying for an immigration permission certificate. This certificate will be granted to only those immigrants who can provide the concerned UK embassy with all the original documentation and proof. The documents may include your biometric resident permit, ID card proof, visa permit, and other information. If you fail to prove that you are living in the UK legally, you will be deported back to your country without any warning.

Settling Down

A new country means new faces, a new environment, and a new life. Settling down in the UK can be a bit hard for immigrants because of many reasons. First of all, immigrants find themselves alienated when they cannot cope up with the manners and accent that the natives take from their British ancestors. Secondly, the ever-changing weather in different cities such as Birmingham and London can make you homesick more often.

Apply In The Global Talent Scheme

A new global talent scheme is going to be launched for international students through which the EU, EEA, and Swiss citizens are allowed to come and research in different fields without any job offer. If you are a resident of any of these countries, you can also apply for this scheme.

Level Up Your Skills

Another important news for workers in the UK is the point-based system. With this system, workers will get jobs and pays according to their skill. It is required that you have at least a skill level equivalent to A level. You must be able to speak English to get paid the general salary that is £25,600 or the current salary going in the market according to your job type.

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