how to stop loose motion instantly

Loose motions are one of the most common stomach problems around the world which affect can any individual child adult or old at any time twice a year

Though quite common but loose motions can be quite uncomfortable and can cause considerable weakness

In loose motions, you just have to keep your digestive system empty and  Stay hydrated, We will tell how to stop loose motion instantly for loose motions. But if it’s not so and you cannot stop your trips to the washroom, try some of the home remedies like Glucose Biscuits which is easily available in home or nearby market

Eating Glucose biscuit is one of the best remedies to control loose motion. So in loose motion, eat 4-5 glucose biscuits till you get relief. Not just only glucose biscuits, you can also eat other biscuits, as all biscuits are made of maida. However, eating glucose biscuits such as Parle G works better to control loose motion immediately.

In India, Parle Glucose is common biscuit you may buy similar biscuit in your country and get rid of this problem

let us know in the comments if it works for you so that others may also try and get benefited.

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