How to remove wrinkles from face naturally

How to remove wrinkles from face naturally
(Last Updated On: 2018-06-26)

Wrinkles form when the skin thins and loses its elasticity The appearance of some wrinkles due to aging, and is the most common skin problem for women

One of the first signs of wrinkles normally appear around the eye, and is called ” crow’s feet.” As time goes on the cheeks and lips are the next thing we notice. As we age, our skin becomes thinner and dryer, both factors contribute to the formation of wrinkles we have mentioned some home remedies for wrinkles on face and eyes

There are many factors that can contribute to the development of wrinkles some of which are: diet and nutrition, muscle tone, pollution, habitual facial expressions, chemicals, stress, improper skin care, and lifestyle habits such as smoking.

The most important factor is sun exposure, which is your skin’s worst enemy, because dries the skin and leads to the generation of free radicals that can damage skin cells. Researchers show that 90% of what we think os as sigs of age is sigs of overexposure to sunlight. Furthermore, approximately 70% of sun damage comes from everyday activities, like driving and walking to and from your car.

The ultraviolet-A rays that cause this enormous damage are present all day long in all seasons. These ultraviolet-A rays wear away the elasticity of the skin, causing wrinkling. The worst part is that the effects of the sun are accumulative, although they may not be noticeable for many years.

Home Remedies for wrinkles

1. Eat a balanced diet including fruits, vegetables, whole grain foods, seeds, nuts, and legumes.

2. Drink plenty of fluid every day. This help to keep the skin hydrated and to flush away toxins.

3. Obtain fatty acids from cold pressed vegetable oils.

4. Avoid alcohol, caffeine, and cigarettes; they dry the skin encouraging the development of wrinkles. Also, the smoking habit uses the lips muscles hundreds of times a day, which contributes wrinkling.

5. Always protect your skin from the sun applying a sunscreen whit a sun protection factor ( SPF) of at least 15 to all exposed areas of the skin.

6. Avoid alcohol-based products. Use hazel or an herbal/ floral water instead.

7. Avoid using harsh soaps or solid cleansing creams, instead, use natural oils such as avocado oil to remove dirt and makeup.

8. Do not apply heavy oils around the eye area before going to bed; it may cause the eye to be puffy in the morning.

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