How to reduce swelling in face due to allergic reaction

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How to Cure Swollen Face

swollen face

Facial Swelling occurs when fluid builds up in the facial tissues. In most cases, this swelling takes place in the eye area and cheeks, but it could also spread to your neck and arm. This condition can be quite distressing and could be indicative of a medical problem that is serious.

Facial swelling is caused by many reasons, and some of the facial swelling causes include reaction to drugs, trauma, and injury to the face, obesity, tooth abscesses, malnutrition and allergic reactions. In some cases, swelling could be due to external weather conditions such as humidity and temperature.

It is possible to gauge the severity of the swelling by using your finger to press the swollen area. If your skin takes a long time to get back to normal, then the swelling is more severe.
Mild swelling can be treated with some amount of lifestyle change, dieting, and mild physical activity. In case it is moderate, you can try some home remedies to reduce the puffiness in your face.


Home remedies and tips for swelling

Hot Compress


Dip the cloth into the water and gently press it against your cheek. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat one more time, or until your cheek feels soothed. You should conduct this remedy three times a day for optimum results.

•Make use of cold compresses to lessen the swelling.

•Sleep on extra pillows or elevate the head of your bed to reduce facial swelling.


Minimize your salt intake.

salt intake

Make use of coffee


Include Turmeric in your foods


Take equal parts of turmeric and red sandalwood and apply it to the swollen area, taking care to avoid the eye area. Keep this on for about 15 minutes and then rinse using warm water.

Follow this with some cold water rinse.

Follow a daily routine that involves some amount of exercise such as jogging and walking.


Eat a well-balanced diet

how to reduce swelling in face due to allergic reaction

Avoid a high-sodium diet and try to consume foods that help flush out toxins from the body.

how to reduce swelling in face due to allergic reaction
Facial swelling is not a cause for panic, and with a little home care, you can get back to normal. However, do keep in mind that any swelling that worsens or persists get immediate medical attention.

We would love to hear from you if you tried these and worked for you kindly let us know so that others can benefit from it.

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