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How to Make Coconut Oil Sunscreen that Protects Your Skin UV Rays

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For many years now, using coconut oil in sunscreen protection has been the top element in suntan and sunscreen lotions. As days have gone, coconut oil has been alternatively used with many harmful chemicals that are scored to block the sun’s UV rays. Visit halo health for products on sunscreen protection.

When we are talking about SPF and the level of UV radiation acquired in blocking UV Rays using coconut oil, we can say that SPF 4 is low.  On the other hand, the benefit of using coconut oil goes beyond the level of UV radiation that is blocked. During the time there is blockage of the penetration of these natural wavelengths from the sun, there may be more harm compared to good. Basically, you are able to build a vitamin D deficiency. For a fact, coconut oil permits the beneficial rays to get through, which prevent the free radical built up.

Using coconut oil as natural sunscreen

When used in the right way, coconut oil is able to block sunburn in the body. Furthermore, for those who have a very fair complexion, it is not advisable to use coconut oil and let yourself be exposed to the sun for hours. It is good to not to do these. The main aim is to prevent yourself from burning. For a fact, cancer pertains to people who regularly get sunburn and not those that are just exposed to the sun. In this lieu, you may use an extra virgin, organic coconut oil.

Coconut Oil Natural Sunscreen

Simple steps to getting started:

On the first day, place a thin layer of coconut oil on the skin, then proceed to be under the sun for almost 20 minutes. (You may aim to have a skin that is slightly pink, but not red.)

On the second day, place a thin layer of coconut oil on the skin, add about 10 minutes to the first day’s exposure. (For example, Day 2 for 30 minutes, Day 3 for 40 minutes and etc.)

In almost of two weeks doing this procedure, you should be able to safely expose yourself to the sun (after applying coconut oil) for a number of at a time without acquiring sunburn.

Following the right diet

Another important concern is your diet. Remember to begin by including more healthy fats into your diet and the coconut oil. Eating these will continue to contribute in protecting the body against chronic inflammation, oxidative stress and free radicals. When consuming coconut oil, the skin will begin to bear an added layer of protection to the sun.

The Recipe For Coconut Oil Sunscreen


  • 1 Tbsp Red Raspberry Seed Oil
  • ½ Cup Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Optional: 10 Drops of Essential Oils
  • Tbsps Non-Nana Zinc Oxide


  • Blend coconut oil in a mixer or food processor.
  • Slowly blend in the zinc oxide, red raspberry seed oil and essential oils.
  • Upon blending the oils and zinc oxide pour them into a small container.


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