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How to Look Younger : 6 Health tips

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For most of us, trying to look younger doesn’t become a concern until middle age smacks us in the face.

When you’re young, it’s easy not to worry about the way we look. There are no wrinkles to stare at in the mirror. With minimal effort, like a daily wash and moisturizing routine, younger people can keep their skin clear and free from blemishes.

Getting older, though, means it requires more effort to look younger. It’s not hard to do, but it takes discipline and a constant focus on doing small things that will keep you looking young and energized.

Here are some things you can do to look younger and push the clock back a bit as you age.

Step 1 – Avoid Intense Sun exposure

Everyone needs their Vitamin D, and we’re not saying you should stay indoors or only go out at night. People want a nice tan, too.

However, laying out for hours in the middle of the day will have an impact on how your skin ages. If you want to look younger, then you need to avoid intense sun exposure.

When you go outside in the heat of the day, protect your skin by wearing a hat, putting on sunscreen, or even carrying an umbrella on especially hot days.

Your skin will thank you down the road. You’ll have fewer wrinkles, and you won’t have to deal with as many sunspots that can make you look older than you are.

Step 2 – Use a Daily Moisturizer

It’s easy to think that you can skip using lotion every day while you’re young, but you will probably regret it once you get a bit older. The more effort you put into your skin early on, the better off you’ll be as the years go by.

You don’t need to rush out and buy the most expensive lotion you can find. However, you should feel comfortable dropping a bit extra on a lotion that is free from harmful chemicals. Try out several different types and go with what feels good on the skin.

Moisturizing your skin every day will keep you looking younger for sure. It will keep the skin on your face, arms, and other parts of your body smoother and healthier.

Step 3 – Get More Sleep!

There’s a reason people call it, “beauty sleep”. Sleep is such an important part of looking younger for longer. When you sleep, you’re letting your body recover. Your cells regenerate and your body has time to heal.

It’s easy to spot when someone’s not getting enough sleep. They look ragged. There are bags under their eyes, they have lower energy, and they have bloodshot eyes.

Getting more sleep is one of the top ways to look younger. You can’t shortchange the time your body needs to recover. Some people may be able to get by on just a few hours of sleep, but they are definitely the exception to the rule.

Step 4 – Stay in Good Shape

If you’re carrying around a lot of extra weight, your body is going to age prematurely. You’re putting more stress on your body, and eventually, you’re going to pay the price.

Years of abuse from eating poorly and not getting enough exercise can make people become injured more easily, and their overall health suffers as well.

Staying in good shape is critical to looking younger. When you’re in good shape, you have more energy, and you look and feel more vibrant.

Now, if you’re not in great shape, you don’t have to go out and run a marathon tomorrow. The good thing about exercise is that anything more than what you are doing now will yield positive results. Even things like going on a daily walk will change the way you look and feel.

Step 5 – NAD+ & Aging Research

NAD+ is a popular peptide linked to anti-aging in animal models. In research done in animal testing, NAD+ is linked to the offset of mitochondrial aging. The mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell, and keeping them in better condition can dull the effects of getting older.

There is hope that NAD+, in conjunction with other therapies, can regulate the aging process.

Step 6 – Increase Your Antioxidant Intake

The food you put in your body has an impact on the way you look and feel. Increasing your antioxidant levels can keep you looking younger with better overall energy levels.

Look for foods like spinach, berries, nuts, and other foods high in antioxidants. Add more into your diet and track how you feel as well as any changes in the way you look.

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