How To Get Rid of Fruit Flies and Gnats

How To Get Rid of Fruit Flies and Gnats

Home Remedies for gnats

We’ll just in case you’re wondering if you’ve ever had fruit flies and you know they’re pretty tough to get right up you can go out and buy yourself some traps but what i found is just a simple solution with some apple cider vinegar

saran wrap some sort of whole devices in a nice pampered chef with all times for pumpkin pie crust and things like that you can just use toothpicks just make sure you don’t make your hole too big I’m using a simple coffee mug or a bowl with plastic wrap and can see I put all the holes in there and just to show you proof positive that this really does work there’s all the fruit flies, and that’s about the fourth time that I’ve used this there’s no fruit in there you can put a drop or two US open if you want to but it’s not really necessary all you need is apple cider vinegar and the bottom

about an inch in the bottom there with a saran wrap on top and just leave it out of place mind closing the sink where the trash can was and we now don’t have any more flying around again it’s going to take probably three or four days to get all the life cycles because these things we produce so fast just keep it out there for weeks and you can almost guarantee you’ll catch all the fruit flies in the house

so again just need a cup large coffee mug or a ball doesn’t have to be clear you don’t have to put food in there you don’t have to do any of that other stuff that everybody is talking about just some simple apple cider vinegar saran wrap and either toothpicks or a device that hooks small holes biggest thing is you don’t want the whole to be too big because they can on occasion find their way back out of the hole

more times than not they want to stand in there so use a toothpick make small holes because they’ll squeeze themselves, and there don’t worry some people would say this is inhumane for the fruit flies, but to each, their own the calls from Peter please fix.



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