how to get rid of denture pain

how to get rid of denture pain

Symptoms of Denture pain

Loose-fitting dentures; dentures which may hurt the gums when chewing; dentures which cause difficulty in speaking properly


Dentures are false teeth.

The professional explanation for the problem is that the wearers do not take proper care of them and that the gums periodically change shape, etc.

There is another, less-known, reason:

When the decision is made to extract teeth and fit an individual for dentures, the teeth are pulled out and the molds prepared for the false teeth. The entire process is done as quickly as possible, so teeth will appear to be in the mouth again as soon as possible. Also, it is a convenience to the dentist to take the molds the same day that the extractions were done.

But when the extractions are made, the gums understandably swell! Some sizeable wounds have been made in the mouth, and the gums are swollen and inflamed. That is not the time to take the molds.

Instead, the person should wait at least one week for the gums to heal and readjust into their normal post-dental sizes and shapes. Then those molds should be made.

If your dentist tells you that you need all your teeth pulled out, discuss the matte with him and perhaps check with another dentist or two. Very often only certain teeth need be removed, and a bridge can be installed, which locks onto the teeth which remain. This is far better than wearing dentures. Do all you can to keep your teeth.


  • Practice speaking. By yourself, read aloud from books and learn how to articulate vowels, consonants, and various combinations.
  • Temporary denture adhesives may be necessary when you are first getting used to your new dentures. But you should not need to rely on adhesives all the time. The dentures should fit properly. Do not let the dentist take molds too soon.
  • When you can, take out the dentures so the gums can rest.
  • Begin by eating soft foods, and gradually get used to chewing with dentures.
  • After each meal, scrub the dentures with soap and lukewarm water. Wash your gums gently with a soft toothbrush, to remove the plaque.
  • Massage your gums every day. Place your index finger over the outside of the gums, another finger over the inside portion, and rub back and forth.
  • Rinse your mouth each day with warm water mixed with a tsp. of salt.

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