how to get rid of cold sores in mouth

how to get rid of cold sores in mouth

 How to get rid of cold sores in mouth

COLD SORES (Fever Blisters)

Symptoms of cold sores

These are thin-walled inflamed pimples which have a tendency to recur in the same area, most frequently at the borders of the mouth, but sometimes on the gums or conjunctiva (the lining of the inner surface of the eyelid). It tends to occur at, or close to, where the skin and mucous membrane meet. First, comes a local tenderness with a small bump.

Then this bump changes into a blister, and the tenderness may increase. Nearby lymph nodes may become swollen. After about 48 hours, the blisters crust over. Sometimes pus oozes, making eating difficult. Cold sores appear 3-10 days after exposure and may last up to 3 weeks, but generally only 7-10 days.

Causes of cold sores

This is an infectious disease caused by herpes simplex (herpes simplex virus I; Herpes virus hominids). But, for practical purposes, there are other causes as well:

Some people never have cold sores, and others have them frequently. Stress is a significant cause. Eating too much sugar is another. Excess ultraviolet light or acid foods cause them in some people. For some women, the onset of menstruation can be a cause. Alcoholic drinking and poor diet also bring them on. Local irritation can be an incipient factor. For some, cold sores tend to occur with a fever, infection, or cold, after exposure to the sun and the wind, or when the immune system is depressed.

If cold sores occur frequently, the problem may be low thyroid function.

Cold sores seem somewhat like canker sores, but they are different in several ways. They form blisters, but canker sores do not. They can form anywhere on the body, although especially on the mouth area or on the genitals. Whereas we are not certain of the bacterial or viral origins of canker sores, cold sores are caused by herpes simplex virus I.

Home Remedies for cold sores

  • Trust in God and stop worrying about so many things. Eat better, take the time to walk outside, and get enough sleep at night.
  • Eat plenty of raw vegetables.
  • Apply ice for 15-20 minutes at the first sign of tingling.
  • If possible, repeat it frequently.
  • Apply vitamin E to applications.
  • Get enough vitamin A  and B complex.
  • Zinc is also important (zinc gluconate lozenges)
  • Protect your lips from sunburn and the wind.
  • Exercise plus adequate rest bolsters the immune system, so it can better resist cold sores.
  • Also helpful is goldenseal, echinacea, red clover, and pau d’arco.
  • If it is not bothering you very much, leaving a cold sore alone is a good idea.

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