how to get a flat stomach in a week without exercise or dieting

how to get a flat stomach in a week naturally

how to get a flat tummy fast without exercise


Try these tips to reduce fat from your tummy.

1. Stop food for the day at least two hours before sleep.
2. Eat mini but frequent meals - It is important you take meals in small proportions, well spread throughout the day.
3. As much as possible, do off with sugar in your diet.
4. Reduce the Intake of Alcoholic Beverages.
5. Drink Plenty Water and Avoid Carbonated drinks.
6. Increase Potassium intake - like Avocados, mushrooms, bananas, white beans, yogurts, etc.
7. Lower sodium intake - you can change the regular table salt with sea salt.
8. Consider Eating healthy foods - each mini meal should include Lean Protein, Fiber, Little healthy fat, and a fruit or vegetable.
9. Take Lean protein foods – like lean meat, seafood, low-fat dairy (cheese, milk, and yogurt), eggs, nuts, beans, etc.
10. Take Fiber foods – like Whole grains, fruits, vegetables.
11. Take Healthy fats – like Vegetable oils, Avocados, Nuts and fatty fish.
12. Do some specific exercises like Squat and Deadlift.


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