how to cure diverticulitis naturally

how to cure diverticulitis naturally

how to treat diverticulitis without antibiotics


how to cure diverticulitis naturally

No symptoms until they become infected or inflamed, resulting in chills, fever, and pain. The pain may be localized in the left lower quadrant of the abdomen and may be constant. Sometimes there is a brief period of diarrhea


how to cure diverticulitis naturally

how to cure diverticulitis naturally


Diverticula are small pouch-like sacs on the inside of the large bowel, generally in the descending colon. When a person is constipated, he tends to push too hard. The air pressure exerted by this muscular squeeze on the bowel muscles can force small pockets to form in the walls of the lower colon.

Once they form, diverticula never go away. Of themselves, they provide no symptoms. The problem is that fecal matter can collect in them and eventually attract bacteria. This results in infection or inflammation, which produces the fever, chills, and pain.

Diverticulosis is when you have diverticula. It is basically symptomless. Diverticulitis is when they are inflamed or infected; then the unfortunate symptoms reveal themselves.

This is another disease caused by “civilized” refined and junk foods. It is practically unknown in Third World nations and was almost totally unknown before our century. More than half of those over 60 in America have this problem.


how to treat diverticulitis flare up

  • In order to avoid the formation of those little pouches, always avoid constipation.
  • This is done by including enough roughage in your diet (fresh fruit and vegetables, bran, and other sources of fiber), and by drinking enough water, etc.  Psyllium seed and flaxseed also help soften the stools.
  •       Have a bowel movement when you sense you ought to. Do not wait.
  •       Obtain adequate exercise, especially out-of-doors.
  •       Prunes, pureed fruit juices, and herb teas are very helpful.
  •       Carrot, beet, celery, and green juices are excellent. Of the fruit juices, papaya, apple, pineapple, and lemon are outstanding for your purposes.
  •       Chew nuts, seeds, and popcorn well, so they will be less likely to enter the diverticula.
  •       Eat smaller meals.
  •       Rats placed on high-fat diets, for 90 weeks, all developed colon diverticula.
  •       Avoid caffeine products. They all tend to irritate the colon.
  •       Do not eat a lot of sugar.
  •       Smoking and stress make the symptoms worse.
  •       Girdles, belts, and tight bands around the waist tend to increase abdominal pressure on the colon.
  •       Helpful herbs include slippery elm, peppermint, chamomile, and aloe vera.


  • As soon as an attack begins, give yourself a cleansing enema (2 quarts of water and the juice of a fresh lemon). Take 4 charcoal tablets with a large glass of water.
  • In case of pain or spasm in the colon, apply a heating pad over the abdomen.
  • During the acute phase of an attack, it may be best to eat a low-fiber diet for a short time. Then return to the high-fiber regime.
  • If the attack is severe, temporarily blend your food. Drink carrot, cabbage, and green juices.
  • To relieve pain, massage the abdomen on the left side. Stand up and stretch
  • Try to have bowel movements on schedule. Take fiber first thing in the morning, and down a quart of water before breakfast.
  • Check your stools daily. If they are black, this means blood is present; take a sample to a physician.


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