How is ground beef produced


Consumption of ground beef: know the adversities and the benefits

The cholesterol and the saturated fat content in red meat, has often become the carrier of a bad name among people who are health and fitness conscious. But, what one forgets is that meat also provides a notable amount of essential proteins, vitamins, and minerals. If you choose to consume lean meat then using low-fat methods is highly recommendable.  By choosing low-fat cooking methods, one can easily dodge the otherwise adverse health effects.

Ground beef is nothing but meat and fat pounded together for easy cooking and consumption and that is why it is super popular and extremely versatile. That does not mean all available ground beef is healthy and you can consume it. As consumers, you must keep these various factors in mind before purchasing it. Like, the most important factor is the sourcing of the meat, then considering the food safety and storage conditions are crucial.

Making the tastiest ground beef

Ground beef is a popular option to make a lot of dishes. The preparation of the yummiest cheeseburgers is not possible without lean ground beef. It is not that beef is unhealthy; the preparation makes the beef unhealthy. Even the quantity per serving taken by an individual also counts. Eating only ground meat day and night will obviously harm health.

Choosing meat from a healthy source is beneficial. Grass-fed healthy cows that receive no additional hormones are the best sources for the meat. The cows which live in nature and grow in just the way nature nurtures and nourishes, make the best source for lean ground meat. Taste-wise also they taste better and do not have adverse effects on the health if consumed in a portion and without adding any extra fat.

Laura’s Lean Beef is perfect for health-conscious people who like to keep a check on their diet. Moreover the on-time delivery and frozen till delivery make it a convenient option.

The different cuts and the varieties of meat

The USDA certified organic labels mean that the meat is from livestock that was organically raised, with access to pesticide-free pasture. It also means that the livestock is free from any antibiotics or growth hormones. The USDA select beef comes from the older category of cows, and they contain the least amount of fat.

Knowing about ground beef is pertinent cause it is economical and the most consumable food in every home. The reason also is that, the ways of preparation of the meat countless.

Grass-fed Beef, Organic Beef, and Kobe beef are a few additions to the standard grading of the meat.

From the market to the kitchen slab

While handling the ground beef, it is important to clean the surfaces and wash the hands thoroughly as there is a risk of transferring bacteria like E.coli. You must keep the ground beef at all times in the freezer. Before cooking and buying the beef check that it did not change the texture, became runny or gooey, or has a weird smell. If any of these happen, it is best not to buy that batch. Also, it is best to buy from a reliable brand rather than trying or experimenting.

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