How to control seborrheic dermatitis naturally

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Your skin uses to be soft and smooth and how it is itchy and scaly. Get back to your true skin. Instead of eyes watering, your nose running, your skin swells up once you are exposed to trigger. Sensitivity to allergens along with triggers in the environment leaves a mark on the skin.

As the name suggests DERMATITIS inflammation of the skin. The main symptom is pruritis meaning itching. The unpleasant itching of dermatitis occurs because the skin has been exposed to a substance that causes an allergic reaction. A genetic link is observed in cases of sensitive skin.

It is a term for the different range of inflammation of the skin of varying etiology. Every individual reacts differently.

Let us check different causes of dermatitis in different age groups.

seborrheic dermatitis


Many things can trigger dermatitis-like stress, allergy, sweating, certain food items like soy, wheat, perfumes, metal, jewelry, detergents, soap, cleansers, ointments, diapers, working in industrial solvents.

Extreme dry climate can trigger dermatitis. In children, it may occur as a diaper rash due to natural chemicals found in urine and stool. In childhood, dermatitis may occur around the mouth due to drooling of natural components of saliva.

In adulthood, allergic contact dermatitis can vary from person to person as the immune response would differ for every patient. So the symptoms would also vary. The causative factor of every skin problem with expected duration and flare-up would also differ.

There is a skin barrier dysfunction that causes dry and itchy skin associated with environmental and food allergies. Other risk factors are age, allergy, occupation certain health conditions and certain medications, psychological stress, anxiety can aggravate existing dermatitis by affecting the immune system.

So if you have redness, dryness, and itching, it is suggestive that you have dermatitis. There could be a flare-up in any part of the body which gets itchy tempting you to scratch. To relieve this itching you try many corticosteroids in the form of cream and ointment.

If symptoms are severe oral corticosteroids which can be given by mouth or injectables may be prescribed. But what about the reoccurrence and flare-up which needs to be treated from the root cause? A moisturizer is essential to relieve dry skin.

But corticosteroids have side effects in the long run and it’s difficult to tackle flare-up situations. So the question arises of how to get back your normal texture of the skin.

To treat dermatitis skin lotions and creams are not the only solution. Select a natural mode of treatment. Go for homeopathy at any age including childhood.

This natural treatment can relieve you of your dermatitis efficiently and gently without any side effects and in the long run, can prevent reoccurrence and flare-ups.

Top 10 tips to take care of dermatitis in the long run and with genetic predisposition :

  1.  Moisturize the skin well with vaseline, coconut oil or olive oil, aloe vera gel, and petroleum jelly after your bath to trap moisture.
  2.  Avoid hot water baths which may cause the skin to dry up. So shorter cool baths are better than longer warm baths
  3.  Choose skin products free of alcohol scents and chemicals and is organic and natural.
  4.  Do not scrub the itchy skin too hard which may cause the skin to flare up.
  5.  Apply lubricants while still damp after bath this will trap the moisture in the skin and will keep it hydrated without getting dry and itchy
  6. Keep a journal to know a long list of allergens the food and environmental triggers and avoid it.
  7.  Create a regime and feel comfortable in your skin and try to follow it regularly.
  8.  Take care of your immunity. Have your multivitamin daily along with the fish oil supplements which not only takes care of the skin by providing nourishment externally but also provides blood circulation enriching it internally.
  9. Keep your fingernails cut short and clean as scratching leads to inflammation which may lead to infection.
  10. And above all, To treat dermatitis skin lotions and creams are not the only solutions with conventional mode of treatment. Go for the Homeopathy mode of treatment with a professional approach from a well-qualified doctor and get treatment from the root cause avoiding the flare-up and reoccurrence in the long run.

This will improve the skin barrier function allowing you to get back your smooth textured glowy hydrated skin.

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