How to beat jet lag when you get home

(Last Updated On: 2019-09-18)
Sometimes people joke about jetlag but the truth is that it can be quite a serious and disruptive condition. This is when you are exposed to a drastic change in time zones which affects your biological clock and interferes with the delicate balance in your body. For instance, you leave on a trip to a destination that is in a different time zone perhaps 6 or 7 hours either ahead or behind the time zone you are accustomed to. Naturally your body expects to find people asleep but instead, it is the middle of the day with plenty of activity all around. Your body reacts since your internal sleeping pattern and entire orientation and body functions are affected.
Fortunately, this is a disease that can be completely cured and prevented using simple home remedies for jet lag.

How to beat jet lag when you get home

Prepare Yourself

Prepare your body for the modification in time areas. The more time zones you’re traveling through, the sooner you m have to start.

Remain Hydrated

How to beat jet lag when you get home
men it’s time for the flight, sip plenty of liquids. jet lags major symptom is dehydration, and the dry compartment air upon the airplane sure won’t help. Keep away from any beverages with coffee or alcohol in them, because they will bring on dehydration.

Adjust Your Watch

Set up your wristwatch to the right time at your destined location as quickly as you begin your air travel. This serves to help you to mentally get ready for the new time area.

Sleep Like You’re There

How to beat jet lag when you get home

Supposing that it’s daylight at your location, attempt to stay clear of falling asleep upon the plane. Supposing that it’s nighttime at your location when you are on the aircraft, attempt to sleep.

Fly Business Class

On a long air travel, spread out bed seatings may be worth the upgrade. The quality of your rest is somewhat important.

Take Sleeping Pills

Supposing that you’re up on a very long air travel, consult with your doctor for short-acting sleep medicine. Many individuals find this is practical. However, if you want all natural medicines, try Valerium.

Consume Meals Like You’re Already There

Keep away from eating aircraft meals, this is because the meals are given during the time zone you have just come from, not where you’re going to. In the case that you’re starving, just have a little snack till you reach where you’re going to, and then eat at the new time zone times.

Keep Active

How to beat jet lag when you get home

Play or workout, preferably in the sunlight. In case it’s daytime at your destination, invest as much time outside before you leave. The direct exposure to sunlight will definitely help your mind adapt to the brand-new time zone.

Avoid Big Meals

How to beat jet lag when you get home

Because changing time zones affect your body while it gets used the change, it is important that you do not eat large meals as this will make it much harder for the body to manage the changes and it could result in extra problems such as constipation and diarrhea.

Exercise in the Morning

How to beat jet lag when you get home

Exercise very early in the night and in the early morning. It will help you get good rest by tiring you out prior to going to sleep (as long as you exercise a couple of hours prior to sleep, to ensure that the body has time to relax) and it’ll help make you feel much more awake in the early morning by getting your blood flowing. Have a Protein-Rich Breakfast: Have a protein-rich morning meal the morning when you arrive. It will really help you with alertness.


How to beat jet lag when you get home

Consider consuming melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone your system naturally creates around the time you usually go to sleep. So swallowing it during the time you wish to tell your body to go to bed, may serve to help your internal clock to adapt to the new time zone. Talk to your physician prior to taking melatonin, to ensure it’s safe for you.

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