7 Effective Homemade Scrubs For Managing Oily Skin

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Dealing with oily skin is really a hard task. The buildup of excess oil on the skin leads to the development of acne, pimples, and other problems. However, there is no need to be bothered about this issue any longer.

Here, we are going to give details about some homemade and effective scrubs for managing oily skin. These scrubs are extremely useful in controlling oil production and removing the dead cells from the skin.

By doing so, these homemade scrubs offer you good-looking and elegant skin. Choose any one of the below-mentioned homemade scrubs and try it for managing oily skin.

Homemade Scrubs For Managing Oily Skin:

1. Coffee Grounds With Yogurt:


3 Teaspoons Coffee Grounds

3 Teaspoons Yogurt

How To Use:

  • Blend yogurt and coffee grounds together.
  • Apply this paste to your skin.
  • Massage for one or two minutes.
  • Then, keep the scrub on your skin for another five minutes.
  • Then, wash it off with warm water.
  • You can repeat this method one time or two times a week. If you are sensitive to yogurt, then, you can use honey instead of it.

2. Coconut Oil With Brown Sugar:


3 Tablespoons Coconut Oil

1 Teaspoon Brown Sugar

How To Use:

  • Add coconut oil to brown sugar.
  • Stir both these things well for few minutes.
  • Then, apply this scrub to your skin.
  • Scrub for three to four minutes.
  • Then, rinse it off with the lukewarm water followed by cool water.
  • Coconut oil is highly beneficial in absorbing the impurities from the skin.
  • It nourishes your skin as well. By keeping the skin moisturized, coconut oil controls oil production. Sugar greatly helps in exfoliating your skin. By doing so, it revitalizes your skin. Use this remedy twice a week.

3. Oatmeal With Yogurt And Honey:


3 Teaspoons Oatmeal

3 Teaspoons Yogurt

3 Teaspoons Honey

How To Use:

  • Combine all these things.
  • Smear this paste on your neck and face areas.
  • Keep the scrub on your skin for ten minutes.
  • After ten minutes, begin scrubbing your skin in a circular motion with your damp fingers.
  • Scrub for three to four minutes.
  • After that, wash your skin with cool water.
  • This overall process takes just eighteen to twenty minutes.

Therefore, you are suggested to follow this scrub application one or two times a week. And you are suggested to use rose water instead of yogurt if you are sensitive to it.

4. Kiwi With Sugar And Olive Oil:


1 Kiwi

½ Tablespoon Sugar

2 or 3 Drops Olive Oil

How To Use:

  • Firstly, remove the skin of the kiwi.
  • Then, mash it.
  • Add olive oil and sugar to the mashed kiwi.
  • Blend these things well and spread them all over your neck and face.
  • Gently, scrub in the circular motion and anti-circular motion for two or three minutes.
  • Leave it to stay on your skin for some time.
  • Wash it off with tepid water.

The antioxidant properties of kiwi are very helpful in improving the texture of your skin. The exfoliating properties of sugar are highly useful in making your skin clear. You are suggested to follow this remedy one time a week.

5. Green Tea With Sugar And Lemon Juice:


2 Tablespoons Freshly Brewed Green Tea

6 Tablespoons Sugar

Few Drops Lemon Juice

How To Use:

  • Add sugar and lemon juice to green tea.
  • Combine them well and apply the scrub on your neck and face with your fingertips. Scrub for three to four minutes.
  • Then, rinse off the scrub with lukewarm water.
  • Then, wash again with cool water immediately.
  • You can preserve the remaining concoction in the air-tight container to use for the next time. This overall process will be completed in thirty to forty minutes. Hence, you can try this method twice a week.

6. Honey With Ground Almonds And Lemon Juice:


3 Teaspoons Honey

2 or 3 Almonds

½ Tablespoon Lemon Juice

How To Use:

  • Soak almonds in milk for eight hours.
  • Then, grind the almonds but leave them a little coarse and grainy.
  • Add this almond paste to lemon juice and honey.
  • Smear the scrub on your neck and face for two or three minutes.
  • Then, wash it off with lukewarm water.

The moisturizing compounds of honey are very effective in hydrating your skin. It is also packed with antioxidant properties which are highly beneficial in protecting the damaged skin.

Lemon juice and almonds are very beneficial in exfoliating your skin. Try this method one time a week.

7. Orange Peel Powder With Turmeric And Honey:


3 Teaspoons Powdered Orange Peel

3 Teaspoons Honey

½ Teaspoon Turmeric

How To Use:

  • Merge powdered orange peel and turmeric thoroughly.
  • Add honey to those ingredients.
  • Blend all these things for getting the grainy paste.
  • Apply the scrub on your neck and face.
  • Keep the scrub on your face and neck for three to four minutes.
  • Then, wash it off with water. Use this scrub application two times every week


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