Homemade face pack for instant glow and fairness

Homemade face pack for instant glow and fairness
Homemade face pack for instant glow and fairness

Why haven’t you used still these homemade beauty tips of immense value?

You get up in the morning, get ready, drink coffee and eat your breakfast, and then go to the office. You come late at night and when you see your face in a mirror, you see dark circles under your eyes, Acne, blemishes, complexion variation, and many other skin-related problems. You look beautiful in makeup but when you wash your face, you see the reality of your skin that you are not able to accept it but still it is the reality that you have to admit saddening yourself.

You talk to yourself that every kind of beauty product you have used but nothing is improving your skin glow. You are saddened that you are not finding anything that can cure your skin problems. And you also feel a bit humiliated when you go among your friends and colleagues.

We say you don’t have to worry about skin now because we have the cure that can erase your every skin problem. You just need to change your skincare and the products. Throw away your current skincare products and methods that you use. Here we are presenting Homemade remedy tips for your skin that make it beautiful and give your glow back.

One thing we want to tell you that homemade remedy and skincare is effective, without giving any side effects and hundred percent resultant products that can better your skin in every way that you never have thought.

Home-great-home, homemade beauty tips:


The mixture of YogHo: Yogurt & Honey

Homemade face pack for instant glow and fairness


We think that what we are going to tell you is awesomely great and best. There are no other adjectives that could suit it. It is a Honey and Yogurt mask that you can use for your face which tones the skin and brings you a starry glow.

  • These two products easily available at home, for which you don’t have to wander here and there in the market as you wander for your tubed beauty products.
  • Honey tones the skin increasing blood circulation and yogurt helps to cleanse and hydrate it.
  • You can use this mixture for your hairs also.
  • It is beneficial for both.
  • After applying the mask for two three minutes,
  • you can wash your face with water. With regular use,
  • you will notice that this recipe is doing wonders for you.

The combo of aloe vera, honey, and coconut oil:

Homemade face pack for instant glow and fairness


There is one beauty cream that grows like a plant and it is of immense benefit if you use it. We are talking about aloe vera. Many benefits cannot be ignored. For your skin and hair, mixing aloe vera, coconut oil and honey is a natural facemask and shampoo that you can use for both purposes.

  • The mixture you can use it for both face and hair without having any side effect.
  • You have grown planted aloe vera at home, then use it and if you don’t have it, then you can buy aloe vera gel from the market.
  • You can also use this mixture for body polishing.
  • The only extra ingredient you have to mix is the sugar that will work as a scrubbing agent.
  • After mixing properly, you only have to massage it on your body.
  • Besides this, you can use aloe vera for hydrating your skin as well as it helps in clearing acne from a face.
  • Using aloe vera best suited for oily skin.

Mask of sandalwood & raw milk:

Homemade face pack for instant glow and fairness

In our country air pollution is great and Sun always shines giving us UV rays! Not good for the skin. Those who work in the field have to bear the sun, which pigments and reddens the skin. And air pollutants also don’t have mercy on us too! So our skin feels like a burning tire and it wholly loses the glow that it used to have.

  • To get rid of this problem, you can use a mixture of raw milk & sandalwood powder.
  • Making the mixture of it and using it as a face mask removes the pigmentation and it also works great as a good moisturizing agent.
  • You only need to use it daily if you want to see the result.
  • With regular use, your glow will come back.

Almond and milk It makes skin softer:

Homemade face pack for instant glow and fairness

Everyone wants soft skin and for it, they use several face masks without having the result that they expect. But this one, which we are telling you, works awesome.

  • You only need to mix a handful of overnight wet almonds with milk and need to apply the mixture to your face.
  • With regular use, your skin gets softer.

Lemon and cucumber juice:

Homemade face pack for instant glow and fairness

Some people have sensitive skin and those who have this type, face many problems. One of them is skin tanning. To get rid of the skin tanning problem, you can use a cucumber and lemon mixture. Cucumber works best as a cooling agent and lemon as the best remedy for tanning.

Use a little bit amount of flour in this mixture to make it thick provided it can stay on your skin. If you use this face mask regularly, you can get free of all your tanned areas.

Brighten up the skin

Homemade face pack for instant glow and fairness


Who doesn’t want fair skin! Several use plenty of products to brighten their skin but they don’t get what they want. We tell you guys, chemicals cannot bring your fair complexion. The best treatment is to use chickpea flour, rice flour, and turmeric and almonds mixture as a face mask. Apply it and use it as the scrub, you will see the effect with time.

Natural cleanser

Homemade face pack for instant glow and fairness

You must have used many cleansers but this natural cleanser is impressively hit.

  • Use oatmeal with coconut oil and mix it and then apply.
  • Oatmeal is noted to have saponins that have cleansing properties.
  • Now you don’t need to buy highly-priced and chemical cleansers.


So, girls, we have told you about some of the best and often used natural beauty tips that you can use for your entire life. This list is not the end of homemade products and mixtures, there are many other best whose recipes still somewhere in the secret scrolls.

There is no end to homemade cleaning and beauty recipes. One of the other benefits is that they don’t have any side effects while chemical products have.

So you decide what products you want to use: chemicals or naturals; while we have told you the best. And these beautiful homemade recipes can be very beneficial for brides during their wedding time. Apart from all, there are many best beauty salons in Bangalore, which you can book for your wedding.