home remedy for cough

home remedy for cough


Frequent coughing, either productive (producing phlegm) or not.


Coughs often accompany colds and other infections, and are a reflex action to clear the airways of mucus, foreign bodies, an irritant, or some type of blockage

A bronchial cough is tight and painful. A sinus infection generally drips mucus down the throat, producing a cough.

Croupy coughs produce a loud raspy sound, bringing up phlegm with difficulty. A few drops of lobelia herb under the tongue every few minutes will relax the cough muscles and may loosen the mucus. Be sure and drink enough water and other liquids, so the mucus does not become thick.

Damage to the lung tissues, caused by pneumonia, can result in a chronic cough.

While on the subject of coughs, there are two other kinds of cough:

Lung cancer or tumors can produce a mild cough, which gradually becomes worse, possibly accompanied by blood.

Then there is smoker’s cough. Lung cancer may follow, unless the tobacco is thrown away.

If there is any suspicion of tuberculosis, read that article.


  • Apply eucalyptus oil inhalations, 10 min. a day, will help.
  • An excellent cough syrup is made by mixing equal parts lemon juice and honey, with a little cayenne pepper tea. Take 1 tsp. when needed.
  • Boil a quart of water; lower the fire as much as possible and add a half tsp. cayenne pepper. Wait a few minutes, then wet a towel in the water, wring it out and wrap it around the neck. Keep the water hot and change this fomentation every 3-4 min, doing this for a half hour while feet are soaked in hot water.
  • Helpful herbs include licorice, fig leaves, mullein, vervain, oregano, bay leaves, hyssop, and thyme. Take 3 cups a day (1 tsp. granulated herbs per cup boiling water. Never boil the herbs. Never use aluminum ware).
  • Mix thick flaxseed tea with 1-2 drops eucalyptus oil, and drink slowly.
  • Add a tsp. salt to a pint of soft, warm water; snuff it up the nose, then blow it out gently. Repeat till the nose is entirely clean of mucus. Then gargle the throat and rinse the mouth out thoroughly with similar salt water.
  • Whenever there is a cold, keep the nose and mouth clean. This will tend to keep the cold from going down into the lungs.
  • Cleanse the colon with high enemas. Continue until they reach the upper part, where the transverse colon is.
  • If there is any nausea or bad feeling in the stomach, take an emetic to vomit it out. Lukewarm water, or water with a little salt in it will generally help do this. Drink all the water possible, and then run the finger down the throat. Repeat till the stomach is clean. Then drink a few cups of a hot herb tea (such as sage, hyssop, yarrow, black cohosh,

peppermint, or chamomile). Later in the day, drink some more.

  • Keep quiet and stay in bed. Take only fruit juices (or lemon juice in hot water). Later drink the broth of thick white potato peeling soup (also called potassium broth).

Heating Chest pack, to be changed every 6 hours. If temperature is elevated, change chest pack every 2-4 hours. Copious water drinking, 2-3 pints daily.

Fomentation to spine; sipping hot water; Chest Pack. Cold Compress to the throat; gargling hot water several times daily; Steam Inhalation 15 min. every hour, sipping half a glass of hot water when inclined to cough.

For irritable cough, without expectoration: Sipping very hot water; gargle hot water; Steam Inhalations; avoid mouth breathing; keep air of room warm (75-80o F.), and moist with steam; carefully avoid exposure of back of neck, chest, or shoulders to drafts, or to chill by evaporation during treatment.

For cough with viscid expectoration: Copious hot water drinking; fluid diet; Fomentation to chest every 2 hours, followed by Heating Compress.

For painful cough: Fomentation to chest every 2 hours; tight bandage about chest to restrain movement if necessary; Revulsive Compress for 15 min. every 2 hours or often as needed. Dry cotton Chest Pack between applications.

For ineffective cough: Increase expulsive power by rubbing, or percussion of the chest with the hand dipped in ice water, or slapping the chest with a cold, wet towel.


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