Effective Home remedy for Constipation

Effective Home remedy for Constipation
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How to cure chronic constipation permanently

Constipation is a kind of disturbance in the digestive tract due to which the bowels (stools) is restricted, or they are not evacuated completely when they move

Constipation produces toxins in the body and affects vital organs leading to various diseases

Causes  of constipation

  • Wrong diet, faulty lifestyle and irregular eating habits
  • Lack of roughage (fruits and vegetables) in diet
  • Insufficient intake of water
  • Sedentary lifestyle

Symptoms of constipation

  • Difficulty in passing motion Painful and hard stools Irregularity in motion cycles.
  • Coated tongue, ulcers in the mouth, bad breath, loss of appetite, dizziness, and nausea.
  • Dark circles under the eyes, pimples on face, depression, and insomnia.
  • Bloated abdomen and diarrhea which may alternate with constipation.

Home Remedies for constipation

Pear Guava

Effective Home remedy for Constipation

Eating one pear daily after dinner is effective.Guava is another effective remedy for constipation. When eaten with seeds, it provides roughage to the diet and helps in the normal evacuation of the bowels. One or two guavas should be eaten daily.


Effective Home remedy for Constipation

Grapes have proved to be very beneficial in overcoming constipation. The combination of the properties of the cellulose, sugar, and organic acid in grapes make them a laxative food. Their field of action is not limited to only clearing the bowels. They also tone up the stomach and intestines and relieve chronic constipation.

One should take at least 100 g of this fruit daily to achieve the desired results. When fresh grapes are not available, raisins, soaked in water, can be used. Raisins should be soaked for a day or two. This will make them swell to the original size of the grapes. They should be eaten early in the morning, along with the water in which they have been soaked.

Bael fruit

Effective Home remedy for Constipation

Bael fruit is an excellent laxative. Eating one bael fruit regularly before dinner, for few months cures constipation completely.Orange is also beneficial in the treatment of constipation. Eating one or two oranges at bedtime and again on rising in the morning is an excellent way of stimulating the bowels.

The general stimulating influence of orange juice excites peristaltic activity and helps prevent the accumulation of food residue in the colon.

Effective Home remedy for Constipation


Effective Home remedy for Constipation

Fresh figs or dry figs soaked in water for few hours act as an excellent laxative.


Effective Home remedy for Constipation

Eating ripe papaya daily during the day helps to relieve constipation.


Effective Home remedy for Constipation

Drinking plenty of water and consuming soup, lemon juice, and fruit juices also helps.


Effective Home remedy for Constipation

Squeeze half a lemon in a glass of hot water and add salt to taste. This is an effective remedy for constipation.

Copper Glass

Effective Home remedy for Constipation

Store water in a copper vessel overnight and drink this water as soon as you wake up. This is quite effective.



Effective Home remedy for Constipation


  • Linseed (flaxseed) is extremely useful in difficult cases of constipation.
  • A teaspoon of linseed swallowed with water before each meal provides both roughage and lubrication.
  • Soak few dates in water overnight.
  • Next day morning remove the seeds, squeeze it and then eat it.


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