Home remedies for periods to come immediately

Home remedies for periods to come immediately

How to force a period naturally


Depression, tension, melancholia, breast tenderness, cramps, fainting, water retention, rapid heartbeat, and backache may occur


Menstruation is also called menarche. Women whose general health and resistance are good are less likely to have menstrual problems.

An irregular cycle often indicates the general state of a woman’s health and is usually the result of nutritional deficiencies or autointoxication caused by constipation, an organic malfunction, drugs, vitamin or mineral deficiency, and chemicals.

  • Amenorrhea: Absence or suppression of menstruation.
  • Dysmenorrhea: Painful or difficult menstruation.
  • Metrorrhagia: Bleeding between periods.
  • Oligomenorrhea: Infrequent or scanty menstruation.
  • Periods tend to stop in athletes and in women who drop below 20% body fat.

There are two types of dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation):

Primary dysmenorrhea usually does not occur until several years after menstruation begins. The pain begins a few hours before or at the onset of bleeding, may last from a few hours to 1-2 days, and is worst the first day. At first, there is a scanty flow, which increases as the pain subsides.

Secondary dysmenorrhea may start 2-3 days before onset, with pain in the abdomen, small of the back, and on down the legs. It is a more constant pain, but includes sharp cramps, and continues throughout the period. This type is often linked to a pelvic disorder (inflammation, uterine malposition, endometriosis, tumors, etc.), which needs to be eliminated to lessen or remove the pain. Hormonal imbalance is usually involved

Home remedies for periods to come immediately


Home remedies for periods to come immediately

  • The diet should contain an adequate, but not excessive, amount of high-quality proteins, preferably from non-meat sources.
  • Eat complex carbohydrates (whole grains), to avoid blood sugar drops. This is important. But do not overeat on anything. Low blood sugar is common during menstruation.
  • Include B complex, especially B12 and B6; along with vitamins C and E. Take brewer’s yeast, kelp, and essential fatty acids.
  • B vitamins, especially B6 and folic acid, help reduce some of the tensions associated with menstruation.
  • Deficiencies of essential fatty acids, together with cyclic hormonal patterns, produce the classic symptoms of fragile emotions, irritability, etc.
  • Take vitamin A as beta-carotene during the last 14 days of the cycle.
  • Iron is vital because of the loss of blood each month. Vitamin C helps the body absorb iron. Beware of supplemental iron during pregnancy! Iron-rich sources include blackstrap molasses (best single source), apricots, and raisins. Iodine is also needed when there is a blood loss. Eat kelp or dulse.
  • Calcium supplementation is very important if you want to avoid painful cramps!
  • Cramping may be relieved by additional intake of calcium and niacin.
  • Manganese is needed for normal reproduction and the mammary glands and helps prevent osteoporosis.
  • Vitamin B12 helps restore normal menstrual cycles.
  • Limiting salt and fluid intake a short time before menstrual onset may help reduce edema in the legs and elsewhere in the body.
  • Food allergies can be involved in painful menstruation. In one study, eight patients were freed of the problem when all foods they were allergic to were eliminated
  • Allergenic foods most frequently listed were whey, milk, eggs, beef, chocolate, nuts, fish, beans, cauliflower, pepper, and cabbage.
  • Avoid overeating! This encourages abdominal congestion.
  • A low-salt diet helps relieve bloating and water retention.
  • Taking the birth control pill greatly upsets the entire hormonal system, and it does not recover, even after the pill is stopped for many months or years.
  • Problems with the pituitary, adrenals, or thyroid may produce amenorrhea or abnormal bleeding cycles. Stress or the birth control pill can seriously affect the adrenals (which produce 20% of the total estrogen used by the body).
  • Extreme diets (strict fruitarianism, very low protein diets, or repeated strict weight loss regimens) can produce amenorrhea.
  • Poor body mechanics (poor posture) causes the female organs to move out of place, and this can affect menstruation. Proper posture tends to reduce cramping.
  • Those who have diaphragmatic (abdominal) breathing tend to have no menstrual pain. Avoid belts and tight clothing about the waist.
  • Adequate exercise is also needed.
  • Avoiding constipation is very important.
  • Avoid overfatigue just before the period. Maintain a regular daily schedule throughout the month.
  • An excess of stress can also affect menstrual flow and attendant problems.
  • Sexual stimulation at that time of the month increases abdominal congestion.
  • If you are overweight, lose weight to reduce painful periods.
  • Using tobacco aggravates menstrual disorders. Smoking induces painful menstruation.
  • Take a daily hot sitz bath. If available, add chamomile or juniper needles to the water.
  • Or take two hot baths each day at the beginning of menstruation. This draws blood from the over-congested uterus to the skin.
  • A four-minute back massage to an area an inch to the right of the lumbar (small of the back) spine may bring relief from painful menstruation.
  • A hot sitz bath (105o-115o) with a hot footbath (110o-117o F.) for 3-10 minutes is often helpful.
  • Drink catnip tea each morning and evening during the period.
  • Helpful herbs include: yarrow and blue cohosh in menstrual difficulties; wormwood and pennyroyal, when there is painful menstruation; chamomile relieves menstrual spasms; peppermint tea eases the pain; desert tea (Ephedra Viridis), for delayed or difficult menstruation; life root, when there is suppressed menstruation; black cohosh when there is obstructed menstruation; garlic and motherwort, to promote menstrual flow; amaranth and lady’s mantle, when there is excessive menstruation; blazing star, for low-ovarian function and lack of estrogen.

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