Home remedies for stomach burning and pain

Home remedies for stomach burning and pain
Hands grabbing bloated abdomen. Digestion problem or indigestion, medical concept.

how to cure burning sensation in the stomach after eating spicy food

Follow these Natural tips:

1.Have your meals at appropriate times and do not skip meals.

2.Do not overeat but rather, eat smaller portions at every meal.

3.If you are overweight, then go on a diet and start exercising regularly.

4.Do not lie down immediately after a meal. Wait for about three hours after your last meal before going to sleep.

5.At night, sleep with your head in an elevated position.

6.Keep track of all the foods that trigger off episodes of burning in your stomach. Avoid eating such foods. Some of the foods that are reputed to trigger acidity are chocolates, citrus fruits, tomatoes, mustard, vinegar and fried and fatty foods.

7.Quit smoking.

8.Avoid drinking excessive amounts of coffee, tea, alcohol, and other acidic beverages, especially when you experience any sort of burning sensation.

9.Drink a small quantity of milk whenever you experience a burning sensation.

10.Burping will help provide relief from the buildup of gas in the stomach.

11. If you are used to eating spicy food then cut back on the use of spices in your food.

12.Peppermint tea can also provide relief from acidity


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