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Home remedy for Leg Cramps

Leg cramps

Also, know as night cramps or Charley Horse - are painful spasms that typically occur in the calf muscles. Leg cramps tend to jolt a person awake in the middle of the night, but can also strike in the daytime during physical activities such as running and cycling

Fitness can put the strain on your leg muscles. Some leg muscle cramps - which can last anywhere from a few seconds to up to 10 minutes - may also be the result of a sedentary lifestyle


  • Leg cramps can be caused by many conditions, like.
    Vigorous exercise.
    Trauma to the muscle.
    Keeping the leg in an awkward position for too long.
    Medications such as birth control, diuretics, and steroids.
    Lack of potassium or calcium.
    Cold weather.
  • Reduced blood supply to the legs is part of the problem. Another is an imbalance in the levels of calcium and magnesium in the body or a deficiency of vitamin E.

Home remedies

1.Once leg cramps set in, the best method to relieve them is movement, either walking around or simply jiggling or shaking your leg. Also, things, like pumping your ankles up and down or rubbing the muscles, can help as well.
2.Straighten your leg and lift your foot upwards, bending it at the ankle so that your toes point towards your shin. Walk around on your heels for a few minutes.
3.Analgesic balm or a patch can provide relief.

How To Prevent?

1.Drinking plenty of water is essential since dehydration often causes cramps.

Causes prevention and home remedies for leg cramps
2.A healthy diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables can also help to decrease the frequency of leg cramps.

Causes prevention and home remedies for leg cramps
3.Try to strengthen your muscles, which will make cramps less frequent like exercises.

Causes prevention and home remedies for leg cramps

4.Eat Potassium-rich foods like banana to avoid Muscle Cramps

Causes prevention and home remedies for leg cramps
5.Eat Magnesium rich foods such as nuts, lentils, and quinoa to avoid Muscle Cramps.

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