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How to get rid of jock itch scars home remedies

What is a jock itch?

Jock itch is triggered by a fungus infection called Trichophyton rubrum. It is a skin disease that is caused by a particular fungus. Usually, it influences the skin of the inner upper legs, groin area, genital areas, and buttocks. Generally, this fungus infection increases in the clammy and the tepid section of the physical body. It’s likewise referred to as Tinea cruris. It is extremely uncomfortable and annoying however usually not a significant disease. It is a lot more widespread in men compared to ladies. People who are overweight and that might sweat excessively are more susceptible to this trouble.

Causes of jock itch rash

  • Wearing tight clothes.
  • Using damp towels or sweaty clothing.
  • Close contact with someone who has jock itch.
  • Men are more likely to get infected with jock itch.
  • Teenagers are more likely to get infected.
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Weak immune system

Prevention of jock itch

Home remedies for jock itch

When to consult a doctor

Jock is not a serious concern. Most of the time jock will get cure with home remedies over time in case it does not get treated with home remedies and preventions a person can consult a doctor if the jock itch is spreading or the itching is severe doctor then will diagnose and advise the best treatment.

Home remedies for jock itch

Hom remedies

Salt Bath for joke itch

Taking a bath with salt water is among the best methods for treating jock itch. You can
utilize bath salts, iodized salts, or Epsom salts. Soak your whole body in this lukewarm mixture for up to half an hour. This treatment must be made use of two times per day. Salt will definitely help the condition to recover faster and also it will help stop the fungus from growing.[1][2]

White Vinegar  for joke itch

Taking a bath in either straight or watered-down white vinegar will help a great deal in
handling skin infections such as jock itch. Another alternative is to use diluted white vinegar and coconut oil over the affected skin location twice a day.[3]

Bleach for joke itch

  • Make a mixture by mixing in two tbsp of bleach to two cups of lukewarm water.
  • Get a clean cotton cloth and soak it into the mix and then apply it to the contaminated body area.
  • Repeat this process at least three times each day for many days
    up till you obtain some relief.
  • Not so all-natural, yet it works! [5]

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree oil contains potent antifungal abilities, it may be made use of to address
jock itch and many other sorts of skin disease. The oil has rich cleaning and invigorating components as well as effective anti-bacterial powers. With the aid of a clean cotton ball use tea tree oil to the afflicted skin location twice every day.[6][7]

Garlic for joke itch

Garlic is an excellent component that could be made use of in the therapy of jock itch. Take a couple of garlic cloves and squash them. Now apply the crushed garlic cloves directly to the affected skin location.[9]


Using Listerine may likewise be effective in treating jock itch. Listerine has antiseptic
abilities which will immediately reduce the swelling, a primary jock itch symptom. Also, the
alcohol that Listerine contains kills the fungus and its antibacterial attributes will kill all the other bacteria. This may sting a bit at first but the remedy works very well.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Washing the contaminated skin area using watered-down apple cider vinegar
can be a wonderful way of dealing with jock itch because of its potent remedial properties to treat and regulate different kinds of skin conditions. Simply use it to clean the area and leave it to dry for approximately ten minutes.


Natural honey may be used on the infected epidermis locations to cure jock itch too. The
inhibitory components in honey have a devastating impact on the fungus. Honey is great for a lot of health conditions!

Onion for joke itch

Onion contains antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal characteristics and thus, you can frequently depend on the onion to deal with jock itch issues. Onion could swiftly
remove the fungus infection that induces jock itch or as some term it, sportsmen’s foot.

Antibacterial Soap for joke itch

  • Anti-bacterial soaps should be used on jock itch infections.
  • Use special soap
    to thoroughly wash the contaminated area.
  • rinse well using warm water and then tap dry the location with a cleansed towel.
  • Redo this procedure 3 to 4 times each day and soon the condition should subside noticeably.

Healing Process

Above mentioned home remedies are safe to use in a moderate amount if you suffer from any side effects or if you get allergic to any of the mention home remedies please avoid using that one home remedy at a time is recommended don’t use it all at once.

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