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There are very few people who may not be allergic to substances at all

Human beings are never immune to the environment and there are more things in the environment that may not immediately catch our attention, but they do get to us and cause problems in many ways, minor or major

However, allergies are not the same for everyone. Two people who are subjected to the same environment with the same substances may not be allergic to them, as one may be comfortable living in the „allergic‟ environment, while the other may find it virtually intolerable. And that‟s what makes treatment for allergies even more intriguing and complex, than even the treatment for some of the more severe disorders.

Rotating Foods as Home Remedies for Allergies

Expert advice has it that it is best not to stick on to a regular food pattern for a long duration if your body is susceptible to allergic reactions. The basics of home remedies for allergies would state that you need to keep track of what you have for your food on a daily basis. If you are prone to allergies, you should know what you eat and when you eat. It is by keeping track of all that you eat that you would be able to see when you get allergic reactions, and to which substances you get them.

However, it is advisable that you keep rotating your food on a regular basis, for instance, every four days, and in some cases, up to three weeks. If you have a particular food today, you should put that off for the next four days, before you have it again. Food rotation for allergies is suggested for those who may have a mild or border-line reaction to foods and may find allergies to food that they eat repeatedly. The rotation diet for allergies is something that has to be tailored to suit individual needs and conditions, and when practiced regularly, could well turn out to be a simple and easy home remedy for allergies.

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