Home remedies for acne scars

home remedies for acne scars
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Diet and Good Nutrition Good nutrition is the foundation for healthy skin

A well-balanced diet will ensure that your body receives the vitamins and mineral it needs to support and maintain the health of the skin

Foods rich in sulfur, such as onions and garlic, may be particularly helpful to those who suffer from acne


There are also several nutritional supplements that may be Vitamin Helpful for the maintenance of healthy skin. Supplements of b-complex vitamins as well as vitamin C, and A are very important for the strength, growth, and vitality of the skin. Vitamin E and the mineral zinc orotate are also useful supplements as they both contain antioxidants that can help protect the skin from damage.   And don’t underestimate the power of water.

Water helps to hydrate the skin, plump up the glands, and move waste and nutrients through the system.  Plan on drinking at least six to eight glasses of purified water each day to keep skin healthy and deter the development of acne.

People who suffer from acne need to be especially careful about the methods and products used to cleanse the skin. Choose gentle herbal facial cleansers and moisturizers, and use them at least twice throughout the day to remove debris, oil, perspiration, and pollutants that have built upon the skin. There are several products on the market that are made exclusively for acne-prone skin.


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