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What is holistic healing and why do i need it

Have you ever been in a conventional setup treatment and got a feeling that you weren’t being considered as the whole person?

That your mental and spiritual needs weren’t being factored into your health diagnosis treatment and overall health. If so then you must consider holistic medicine. Holistic medicine is an overall philosophy that considers the whole body of a person, including the body, physically, psychologically, socially. and spiritually, to prevent diseases and to find optimal health. People can achieve optimal health by gaining a proper balance in life.
Holistic medicine’s name comes from the Greek word halos, which means whole, and refers to a practice of medicine which treats the body, mind and spirit. Holistic medicine differs from traditional Western medicine in terms of philosophy, diagnostic techniques and treatment options. Individuals taking charge of their health care would do well to investigate both options.[2]

The ideology behind holistic health is that the human body is made up of interdependent parts. If one part of the body is not working correctly, the whole body will not work correctly. Overall, this means if people have imbalances in their lives whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual, the imbalance can harm the overall health.

Holistic doctors use various forms of health care such as conventional medicine with a focus on promoting natural healing. Holistic medicine treats symptoms as well as looks for underlying causes of the symptoms. If a person has consistent headaches and migraines, a holistic physician will not just prescribe sleeping medication. They will look at other factors such as diet, sleep habits, stress and other potential root causes to improve their patient’s quality of life. Although holistic doctors will prescribe medicine when deemed necessary, with a high focus on lifestyle modifications, patients that work with doctors who follow this philosophy will see better long term results and in the case of consistent headaches or migraines, see lower incidences in their future.

Holistic medicine is a natural form of medicine used by patients worldwide. Holistic medicine is a system of medicine which works with the body, not against it. It helps the body to naturally heal itself. There are several conditions in which natural healing is required. The conditions can be acute or chronic

Acute cases: In patients where the symptoms have just started and no other treatment has mismanaged the condition. Holistic medicine can invariably work with great success. This healing is just more than treating symptoms It works from the root cause. If your foundation is strong with no medical history of past illness, Holistic medicine can help you with great potential and up to marked standards.

Chronic cases, however, the approach is quite different. It works by treating the vitality of the patient and thus achieving results. The chronic situations need to deal with care and affection as the patient is suffering for a long time and gone to various modes of treatment to achieve relief. How the health is restored in chronic cases is complex yet achievable with Holistic medicine. It differs from other schools of medicine which just follows the palliative mode of treatment. In such cases, Relapse and reoccurrence are quite common prolonging the case to deteriorate further and with more severity. The duration of time required to achieve the same would differ from person to person.
Principles of holistic medicine.

Like conventional medicine, holistic medicine aims to prevent and treat diseases and ailments and improve the patient general health and well being. the treatments and techniques used help boost the body’s natural healing abilities empowering the patient to take care of their health is an essential component of holistic medicine. According to the American Holistic Health Association, practitioners consider the following elements during the diagnosis and treatments.
● Physical
● Nutritional
● Environmental
● Emotional
● Spiritual
● lifestyle
Holistic approaches to treatment include
● Herbal medicine
● Homoeopathy
● Acupuncture
● Manual medicine
● Biomolecular therapies
● Physical therapy

Using principles of Holistic medicine you can track the progress of the disease on the path to achieve results. The experience of healing from natural treatment is different from taking a pharmacological drug. The practitioner likes to achieve improvement in individual and also see beneficial effects of homoeopathy which manifest at a deeper level.
While physical improvement is essential, the deep healing of lies somewhere else. It helps in achieving results as far as energy levels are concerned. Once the vitality of the patient is recovered, you will see amazing astonishing results in the health of a person through natural medicine. Holistic medicine believes in achieving inner healing power with the recovery of symptoms at an optimum level which helps in maintaining and developing harmony of the mind-body connection.

It is the scientific mode of treatment which is evidence-based. It not only helps the patient recover but also works towards treating from a root cause which is an effective mode of treatment. It does not suppress any disease for time being which neglects your overall health condition in the long run. It provides an energetic stimulation to the vital force and works by treating the patient on a deeper aspect of living rather than the superficial aspect.
Long term treatments are required in Holistic medicine especially in chronic cases which can be attained from this highly diluted substance marking the potential power in every medicine molecule or dose to get the best out of it.

A well trained, skilled and professional practitioner will take a comprehensive case history taking into account your past medical history, your emotional aspect, your attributes, your physical symptoms and well being to diagnose the case and provide a good prognosis or outcome of the disease. The goal of the consultation is to recognize that every patient is unique in its way. Just like for example no two migraines are similar. They differ in their frequency, duration and severity which needs to improve from the root cause rather than being dependant on painkillers to subside the migraine attack.

Holistic medicine remedies are prepared from the mineral plant and animal substance. Once a remedy reaches a certain dilution the healing power is achieved in the medicine. In other words, the sense of dis-ease is achieved by a sense of ease and balance with harmony to achieve life goals.

Holistic medicine is a better health channel in that respect to treating chronic and difficult cases where cure cannot be achieved through a different system of medicine. The potential power of Holistic medicine lies in its a source of medicine which is chemical-free and also free from fillers, binders and above all excipients that can produce side effects affecting kidney and liver. In the long run, going for gentler and safer mode is treatment is better than going for conventional treatment which just palliates the problem externally rather than treating from the root cause internally which lies deep within.

The goal of Holistic medicine is to treat the whole person — that means mind, body, and spirit. It also aims to heal the root causes of illness — not just stop the symptoms.
A doctor may spend 1 to 2 hours examining you. He’ll ask questions about your health history, stress levels, and lifestyle habits. He may order lab tests.

Holistic medicine is used for most health issues. Some of the more common ones include:

• Allergies
• Headaches
• Fertility issues
• Digestive problems
• Obesity
• Hormonal imbalances
• Chronic pain
• Chronic fatigue syndrome

In some states, licensed doctors can perform minor surgeries, like stitching up a small wound. They can prescribe certain medications. And they might even serve as your primary care doctor. Holistic medicine doctors may receive additional training in natural childbirth.
You don’t have to be sick to try Holistic medicine. You may just want to boost your overall health or prevent an illness.

Don’t use it for an emergency or issue that requires a visit to the hospital, like major surgery. Nor should it be used in place of conventional medicine for serious conditions, like cancer and heart disease. In general, mainstream medicine focuses on getting rid of physical symptoms, while holistic medicine works to empower the patients to heal themselves and improve the flow of energy of life force

Integrated medicine

Integrated medicine is a very powerful approach with a conventional line of treatment and holistic medicine. The integrated medicinal approach is with basics to reduce the dependency on the conventional line of treatment with a gradual approach in reducing the dosage