Highest antioxidant foods in the world

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 6 Best Anti-Oxidant Foods-Scientifically Proven
Anti-Oxidant Foods

Anti-Oxidant is one of the best and known natural remedy elements. That treat lots of health problem. You can consume them in many ways. They are everywhere in veggies fruits and also even in chocolate.

What is Anti-Oxidant?

Anti-oxidant is a powerful healthy substance that helps to gain human health in many ways. It like some other healthy properties such as beta-carotene, carotenoids, and vitamin c. There are hundreds of thousand research and researcher admit that one of the most important and powerful things that help to gain a healthy life.

Benefits of Antioxidant

There are lots of health benefits of antioxidant but here I will mention only a few. By consuming them in a proper way anyone can receive a good result.
1.Best Natural Anti-aging properties.
2. Help to prevent cancer.
3.Good detoxifier.
4.Prevent dementia
5. Prevent the risk of having a stroke.
6.Good for heart and brain

Highest antioxidant foods in the world

There are more than hundred of antioxidant food but here we will discuss the best.

Highest antioxidant foods in the world

Dark Chocolate

Age erasing foods

Good news for the chocolate lover. First, they ate from the love of there taste now for good health sounds interesting. According to a report dark chocolate contains 15Mmol at every 100 gm. This is more than Raspberry and Blueberries. They contain 2.3 Mmol and 9.2 Mol (1)

A few days ago there was another report where it describes that consuming cocoa rich food or dark chocolate in daily basis it helps to reduce heart disease by increasing Antioxidant amount in the blood. It also helps to raise good HDL( High-density lipoproteins) and reduce Bad LDL (Low-density lipoproteins)

Note: LDL or Low-density lipoproteins create lots of health problem including inflammation and increase the rate of the heart problem.


Eat this Best Age Erasing foods and look younger

Blueberries are a well-known source of Antioxidant. Almost all people know blueberries a good and healthy source of antioxidant.  In some place in world, blueberries are also called “King of all antioxidant foods” This fruit believed to most powerful and good way to consume Antioxidant.  They contain high amounts of flavonoids and polyphenols. This is really good in some ways. A research has shown that blueberries increase Antioxidant in the body directly. (2) But the wild Blueberries have more antioxidant properties than normal.


Short note on strawberry

Most well known and popular fruits all over the world. Used in almost all around the world. They are quite powerful as a healthy product. According got the FRAP (Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching) Analysis They contain a 5.4mmol antioxidants per 100grams. (3)

Another thing do you know why are their color is red. Because they have a special kind of antioxidant called anthocyanins. They have the good amount of it that why they have this brighter color and this is the same things that provided by blueberries.

And a research also says that they help to prevent the growth of LDL(Low-Density Lipoprotein) and help to raise HDL(High-Density Lipoprotein)
And the good amount of anthocyanin help to reduce heart disease.


Boldo is known around South America. It is a small tree or herb. And mostly used its leaves to make a tree but also used as popular spices.  It has a good amount of antioxidants in it. And according to Some report Boldo Help to gain good health in many ways. Boldo also help to treat high cholesterol problem. And it helps to thing the blood and it stimulates the blood circulation in a good way. And same time it boosts the digestive system, and treat UTI. This herb contains the alkaloid which helps to treat gallstone related problem.


Raspberries are also known and as famous as strawberries and used in almost all desserts. Best source dietary fiber and other vitamins such as Vitamin C. Antioxidants in raspberry help to prevent risks of cancer and heart disease. Such as Clot and Strokes. Research showed that it can kill 90% cancer cell of stomach, colon, and breast. And research also shows that it helps to prevent the speed of spreading cancer cell. And it also helps to reduce inflammation in the body.


Almost everyone knows about it. It is a very healthy vegetable.
It contains almost 2.7mmol per 100 gram. But Russian or red kale contain twice the normal amount. It contains the good amount of anthocyanin then normal other fruits and vegetables. And they have lots of calcium. Which is really good for health.

What is the best way to consume them?

In here we talked about many foods and mainly we can consume them as salads and Juice or Smoothie(Exclude Boldo and Dark Chocolate)
But I prefer Smoothie over juice. Because when you put them in juicer it will separate lots of nutrient and fiber. Which mean you are cutting down half good things. Better drink a smoothie. And Also recommend to consume them as snacks. There are hundreds of good recipe around the internet.


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