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6 Ways To Use Helichrysum Essential Oil As Natural Painkiller

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Dr Sarah Edwards MD
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Helichrysum is a flowering plant indigenous to the Mediterranean regions of Italy and southern France. The essential oil extracted from the helichrysum flowers is known to provide fast relief from pain.

The anti-inflammatory property of helichrysum essential oil helps in reducing swelling and pain associated with it. It helps in soothing the swollen tissues and its regenerative property assists in repairing the injured tissues.

Helichrysum essential oil works as a natural analgesic and is therefore considered effective for relieving arthritis pain, pain following an injury and headache.

To alleviate pain, apply helichrysum essential oil directly to the painful area or, for better results, blend it with other essential oils and then use the oil mixture for pain relief. Here are some of the best ways of using helichrysum essential oil as a natural painkiller.

1. Helichrysum Essential Oil Cold Compress:

Applying a cool compress to the painful muscles and joints or bruises helps in reducing the swelling and pain. Add six to eight drops of helichrysum essential oil to a cup of cool water. Dip a cloth in the water, wring out the cloth and place it on the affected area.[1]

2. Helichrysum Essential Oil Warm Compress:

A warm compress with helichrysum essential oil to the painful area helps in reducing the pain. Often cold and warm compresses are applied alternatively. Pour two cups of warm water into a bowl.

  • Add two drops of helichrysum essential oil,
  • two drops of lemongrass essential oil, and two drops of peppermint essential oil.
  • Immerse a soft towel in the water, squeeze out the excess water and place it on the affected area.
  • Apply the warm compress three times a day.[2]

3. Helichrysum And Peppermint Essential Oils:

Peppermint essential oil helps in soothing the sore muscles. It is usually blended with helichrysum essential oil to prepare a natural analgesic for pain relief.

To one tablespoon of carrier oil of your choice add five drops of helichrysum essential oil and ten drops of peppermint essential oil.

  • Apply the oil mixture to the painful area.
  • Wait for about five minutes and reapply the oil.
  • Repeat every five minutes for fast relief.
  • This remedy helps reduce arthritis pain, lower back pain, neck pain, and TMJ pain.[3]

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4. Helichrysum And Chamomile Essential Oils:

Massaging the joints affected by arthritis with a mixture of helichrysum and chamomile essential oil helps in reducing the pain.

  • Blend ten drops of helichrysum essential oil, ten drops of chamomile essential oil,
  • and five drops of black pepper oil with two ounces of jojoba or any other carrier oil.
  • Massage the painful joint with a small amount of the oil mixture.[4]

5. Helichrysum And Lavender Essential Oils:

Helichrysum essential oil helps in alleviating hemorrhoid pain. It is usually blended with lavender essential oil, which is known for its soothing effect. The lavender essential oil also helps in reducing itching and irritation caused by hemorrhoids.

To warm bathwater add three drops of helichrysum essential oil and three drops of lavender essential oil. Soak in the bathwater.[5]

6. Helichrysum Essential Oil For Headache:

For relief from headache, apply an oil blend that combines helichrysum essential oil with other essential oils that are known for their soothing effect on the forehead, temples, and back of the neck.

  • Prepare the oil blend by combining four drops of helichrysum essential oil,
  • two drops of peppermint essential oil,
  • two drops of lavender essential oil, one drop of spearmint essential oil,
  • and one drop of roman chamomile essential oil with a tablespoon of sweet almond oil.[6]

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