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They say the best helping hand is the one at the end of your arm! If you’re in need of some tasty, but hasty, nutritious meal solutions,

here’s a little inspiration from Bord Bia. We make millions of food choices throughout our lives which have a major impact on our health and nutrition

Good food choices won’t leave you and your family feeling unsatisfied, hungry or deprived. Instead, they will make you feel in control and charge of your life, as well as give you energy, a strengthened immune system, and a slimmer waistline.

The good news is that food that is good for us tastes good too. The problem is we have been seduced into believing that we save time in using convenience foods.

The real truth is that it’s just a matter of stocking up on foods which don’t take much preparation, but which deliver far more satisfaction regarding appetite and keeping us going for long periods of time between meals. When we eat a lot of so-called convenience foods, we get more sugar, fat, and salt but very little to sustain us. We feel hungrier sooner and end up eating far too much for our size.

Most of us don’t need a cookery course or even an elaborate glossy cookbook. We simply need to make time for planning and preparing our meals and to build up a simple repertoire of just 5-7 nutritious recipes that become family favorites. And of course, what we have to learn, we learn by doing. We hope you enjoy this medley of nutrition tips and recipes designed to help you on your way.

Paula Mee
Consultant Dietitian


Healthy eating is essential for good health.


Heat the grill. Heat a tablespoon. Of the oil in a large nonstick pan, add the scallions and half the spinach. Stir-fry For 2-3 mins until they soften. Tip into a colander and Press down to squeeze out the excess moisture. Beat the eggs and cheese and then add in the spinach mixture And stir well.

Reheat the pan adding a little oil, pour in the egg mixture And cook, stirring gently until well set on the base. Finish Cooking under the grill. Slide onto a large plate for serving or cut into wedges and serve from the pan. Mix remaining spinach with the olive oil and balsamic Vinegar, season lightly and serve with the frittata and some crusty bread. Stretching the budget?


• Plan meals for the week and make out your list based solely on your plan
• Look for fresh foods on special offer
• Buy in bulk and freeze extras if you can
• Cut out expensive convenience items like pre-cut vegetable Cupboard essentials
• Tinned fish, tomatoes, tomato puree, peas and beans
• Tomato and herb based pasta sauces
• Pasta and rice
• High fiber or whole grain breakfast cereals
• Olive oil Fresh is best
• Skinless chicken or turkey fillets, minced beef, lamb or pork
• Seasonal fruit, vegetables, and herbs.
• Fresh fruit juice
• Sliced ham or turkey
• Milk, cheese and
yogurts (low fat)
• Bord Bia Quality Assured Eggs
• Wholegrain bread and rolls Frozen foods
• Frozen vegetables
• Frozen fruit e.g. berries, perfect for adding to smoothies
• Prawns or un-breaded fish cutlets
• Frozen yogurt or sorbet


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