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Health tips for common health problems such as gas contipation, indigestion, skin care , diabetes, headache, cough and cold, wounds, fever, chicken pox, leg ulcer,

Why you should eat banana's

Why you should eat banana’s

Health Benefits of Banana's It's good for skin and weight lossThey contain some important vitamins and have advantages for digestion, coronary heart well being and weight loss. Other than being very nutritious, they're additionally ann exceedingly handy snack fruit.Eyes - maintains night...
Benefits of raisins soaked in water

Benefits of raisins soaked in water

Health Benefits Of Raisins Rich antioxidants thus keep blood clean and flowing contains calcium which is known for causing bone health food contains fiber which...
Health benefits of Castor Oil

Health benefits of Castor Oil

know its amazing benefits. 1. Eyes - it stimulates eyelash growth. it stimulates eyelash growth. Castor oil also helps in getting rid of under eye dark...

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