health benefits of green chillies

Health Benefits of Green Chillies

Health Benefits of Green Chillies

About green chilies

The chili paper is the fruit of plants that belongs to the family genus capsicum which is members of the nightshade family, i.e.,.solanacea. In India Britain, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, asianPakistan and oAsiancountries it is commonly known as chilies.

It is very good in eliminating harmful toxins from human body and hence prevents from constipation they are usually A good and best source of dietary fiber which is good in proper movements of bowel system.

Effective benefits of Green chillies

Green chilies have considerable amount of vitamins C making them boost the immune system of the human body protecting it form different ailments it is definitely good idea to replace red chillies with green chilies.

1. Helps in Weight loss
2. Fights Cancer
3. Releases Saliva
4. Removes Wrinkles
5. Controls Diabetes
6. Reduces Inflammation
7. Helps in Digestion
8. Helps repair Wounds
9. Strengthens Bones & Teeth
10. Good for Eyes & Skin
11. Boosts Immunity & Metabolism

Green chilles for heart disorder

It is very effective for the heart disorder it is good in lowering blood cholesterol triglyceride level.hence it is good in lowering risk of heart attack and stroke moreover it also prevents the deposits of fats in blood vessel walls which is caused by free radicals it is also good for lowering blood pressure heart rate consider eating green chilies which acts tonic for heart.

Green chilies as mood stablizers

most of the studies say that green chilies acts as mood stablizers. capsascin aids the release of endorphins (feel good harmone) into the brain which is beneficial in improving the mood.

Green chilies for releasing saliva

Foods that release saliva when you chew your food will help in proper digestion of the food if you add green chili it will release the saliva and it is thus mixed well while chewing the food this helps in good digestion process.

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