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How To Handle A Dental Emergency

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Of course, we hope that you never encounter a dental emergency in your life. It is best to be prepared for every eventuality and who knows, reading this blog might come in very useful one day! Before we talk about what to do in the event of a dental emergency, let us clearly define what is classed as a dental emergency.

dental emergency
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What Is A Dental Emergency?

Facial trauma of any kind would be an emergency situation. While you won’t find a dentist in the middle of the night, some dental clinics set aside appointment slots specifically for emergency dentist service.

Excessive toothache is also a situation when you should make haste with a dentist appointment, to determine the cause of the pain. Swollen gums is another condition that warrants a visit to an emergency dentist.

What To Do In A Dental Emergency

While there are no dental clinics open at night, some reserve a few appointment times for emergency cases. With a Google search, you can book a same-day appointment and have the issue diagnosed and treated.

Losing A Tooth

In the event you lose a tooth due to a fall or a sporting collision, it is important to find the tooth, clean it with water, and put it in a small container of milk. There is a chance that the tooth can be re-seated, which is why you should locate it and take it with you when you see the emergency dentist.

If a tooth is chipped, this is also regarded as an emergency and might involve extreme sensitivity, if the nerves are exposed.

Tooth Abscess

This is regarded as an emergency because the infection could enter the bloodstream. Besides, it will only get worse, so the sooner you schedule the dental visit, the better.

Online Solutions

Wherever you live, you are never far from an emergency dentist and Google can help you locate the website of a local clinic where you can book a same-day appointment.

It really is as simple as that and the clinic would advise you regarding preparations. Before you know it, you will be sitting in the dentist’s chair explaining what happened.


More often than not, toothache accompanies an emergency dental issue, and you might need painkillers, which you can buy at your local pharmacy. If you are in chronic pain, the emergency dentist can prescribe pain-killing medication, which will provide much-needed relief.

There are a few home remedies for toothache if you are not able to get to a pharmacy. Clove oil works, while saltwater can also provide relief. Paracetamol or Tylenol are also effective painkillers but be careful not to exceed the recommended dosage.

Keep Calm

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No matter what has happened, staying calm is always the best advice. In the event you are in considerable pain, do take some pain relief medication. Make an appointment with the nearest emergency dentist, on the same day if possible.

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