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Hairstylists Secrets to Achieving Healthy and Strong Hair

In the age of busy lifestyles, we have a much greater pressure of looking our best in the shortest time. Generally, people don’t want to spend more time on their hair care routines because they are time taking and sometimes tricky too.

It’s hard enough to manage a work-life balance without having the added pressure of self-care routines also. While we’re accomplishing more than ever before, we have much less time to spend on ourselves.

So, everyone jumps on board the idea of five-minute grooming practices. While these may seem convenient, they’re the most significant cause of bad hair health. Dry, brittle hair can put a damper on our moods because our hair is one of our personalities’ defining features.

Furthermore, if your hair is damaged, it reflects poorly on you, as it makes your entire look messy and unkempt. No one understands better than stylists the effects of lousy haircare routines and excessive styling.

However, they also have the best tips on undoing this damage and have healthy, strong hair. If you’re interested in restoring your hair to good health, keep reading below for the best stylist’s tips.

Choose hair products wisely

There are types of hair and a vast range of products for hair these days. If you desire to achieve strong and healthy hair, the first step is to know your hair type and quality. People have curly hair, straight, light-textured hair, oily, rough, treated, or damaged hair. Each of these hair types has a variety of products designed to keep them in good health.

Using hair products designed for different hair types can damage your hair too. You don’t need to have a whole arsenal of hair products; instead, you need to choose smartly. With the right hair products, each wash can feel like a luxurious spa day and can leave your hair feeling smoother and shinier.

Just feeling your hair in better health can do wonders for your mood and self-confidence. More than 72% of the women feel that their hair is a strong part of their identity, so you must pick the best hair products. Make sure you read all the labels and buy whatever product offers the best for your hair. Some might be on the pricier side, but know that they’re worth it, so your hair doesn’t suffer.

Pre-wash haircare

Once you’ve chosen the right products to use, you must take time out to let them do their magic. An essential step to remember is that you should wash your hair less frequently, and when you do, you must give your hair the TLC it needs. Your scalp needs a good massage and moisture before washing.

Coat your hair with penetrating oil like coconut, olive, avocado, and mustard oil. When you give a soft massage on your hair with these oils, they enter the hair shaft, reach the cortex, and moisturize the hair inside. Massaging also increases blood flow to your scalp and energizes your follicles. You may even steam your hair after oiling your hair. Steam opens your scalp pores and absorbs the moisture. It is very beneficial for damaged and treated hair.

Styling with minimal damage

Using tools to style our hair is an easy and quick way of making our hair look sleek and polished. However, heat styling has many adverse effects on our hair. It is one of the biggest reasons why our hair can become dry, brittle, and frizzy. Heat damage strips away at our hair and exposes it for more significant damage.

However, to restore your hair to strength, you don’t need to skip out on styling altogether. Instead, you can use styling techniques that cause minimal damage.

Overnight styling hacks are an excellent way to make your hair look great without damaging it. You can curl your hair overnight with soft rollers rather than using hot curling tongs, or you may go with braids or buns.

Other overnight styling hacks include the sock method. Furthermore, you can play with different hairstyles to make your hair look good without any heat.

Invest in good tools

It would help if you used good quality tongs, flat irons, dryers, and even brushes. When it comes to heated tools, you need to use them less frequently, so it gives your hair more time to regain its health. When using heat styling tools, however, it’s best to use ceramic ones. Ceramic tools are excellent, and they don’t damage your hair as non-ceramic ones do.

Another essential tool to invest in is a good hairbrush. Hair brushing is a daily part of every woman’s routine, but a lousy hairbrush can tangle your hair and cause breakage. Again, different hair types need different brushes to make the hair smooth and sleek.


These are the tried and tested tips from hairstylists to help you nurture your hair back to health and have them looking fabulous. Incorporating these tips into your routine can be incredibly simple, and you can start to see the difference in just a few weeks.

However, it’s important to remember that the most useful tip to restoring your hair’s shine and strength is perseverance. If you go back to bad hair practices, your hair can become dry and lifeless once more.

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