Habits that cause hair loss in male

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The Unhealthy Habits That Lead to Hair Loss for Men

Men are often burdened with the idea that their hair will never fall out. Even with the coming of old age, they are surprised by how one’s hair starts to lessen. This development is natural and cannot be denied with the passage of time. What can be done is to practice healthy habits that will preserve your hair in good condition. When you fail to perform these simple acts, you can expect your hair to gradually fall out.

If it does fall out, there are a lot of solid solutions to men’s hair loss problems here in Manila. You can entertain the option of getting hair restoration services in Manila to give new life to your hair. It’s safe and produces a very effective result. But of course, there are a lot of things you should not do to your hair. Shown below are some of the bad habits you should never do.


You should know by now that smoking cigarettes are a gateway to a lot of diseases. If you are engaged in this vice, you can expect to contract illnesses related to the lungs, heart, or brain. Furthermore, your hair will also be affected if you continue to inhale the fumes generated by a cigarette stick. It contains a lot of harmful chemicals that proceed to your lungs and pass on to other parts of your body, such as the hair.

These dangerous elements may cause your hair to fall out earlier than you expected. If you want to eliminate a certain cause of your hair problems, you better quit smoking as soon as possible.


You might be surprised that exercising too much can lead your hair to fall out. There’s a very good reason for that, actually. Ideally, you should be burning a maximum of 3,500 calories per week.

If you are used to exceeding that amount, the benefits of exercising will be invalidated. You would be placing your body, including your scalp, under a tremendous amount of pressure and stress. Once that happens, your hair may start falling out. It’s best to moderate your weekly exercise regimen so you can make the most out of this productive endeavor.

Wearing dirty headwear

As compared to women, men are often more negligent when it comes to cleaning their respective belongings. For instance, most men would not regularly clean the hats or caps they wear every day. Once these headwear items accumulate sufficient dirt in them, they will infect your scalp.

The buildup of sweat and moisture, while you are wearing a cap or hat, will also make matters worse. The wisest course of action is to wash these things on a regular basis. In addition, you need to make sure your hair doesn’t stay long inside a hat or cap because doing so would only place them inside a warm and moist environment.

Hom remedies

Eating unhealthy food

You may not notice it now but the kind of food you’re eating plays an important role in keeping your hair intact. If you are consuming meals with too much oil, fat, salt, or sugar, there will be various consequences on your health, including your hair.

Once this kind of food is processed by your digestive system, your blood will be unable to deliver the nutrients and vitamins needed to strengthen your hair follicles. 

The result would be weak hair that will continually fall out until it is too late. It’s better to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, lessen your intake of carbohydrates and meat, to improve the quality of your hair.

Furthermore, it’s also wiser to lessen processed drinks, such as cola, and increase your water intake. Committing to these dietary changes will certainly do wonders to your hair.

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