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The Best Gym Equipment for Pregnancy

Contrary to what your grandmother may tell you, there is no reason to stop visiting the gym during a normal, healthy pregnancy.

Unless your doctor makes other recommendations, visiting the gym during pregnancy can help you have a more comfortable pregnancy and a faster recovery after birth. Here are the top ten pieces of gym equipment to use during pregnancy.

Elliptical Machine

The elliptical machine is a great gym equipment choice during pregnancy. The reduced pressure on the joints is helpful for already ailing joints because of the added weight of pregnancy.

The elliptical machine can provide a great cardio and light strength workout for women during pregnancy.


The classic treadmill is another great piece of gym equipment for use during pregnancy. Pregnancy really takes a toll on the body and particularly during the third trimester, you may find your favorite workouts become too difficult.

The trusty treadmill is one piece of gym equipment that you can likely use throughout your entire pregnancy.


While a pool may not technically be a piece of gym equipment, many gyms offer pools for water workouts. Pools are quite possibly the very best workout options for pregnancy. Feeling weightless and being able to work out with resistance, but not under pressure, is an ideal way to stay healthy during your pregnancy.

Rowing Machine.

The rowing machine can be a great piece of gym equipment to use during pregnancy because it allows to user to sit down during the workout. The added weight of late pregnancy can make standing exercises difficult, but the rowing machine can give pregnant women a great workout while seated.

The rowing machine has a large, comfortable seat unlike a bicycle so it is more friendly for pregnancy in that way as well.

Cross Country Skier.

Cross country skiing simulators offer an incredibly efficient workout for pregnant women. While pregnant women may not be able to spend a lot of time on the cross country skier and using a cross country skiing machine may not be feasible in the third trimester, in early pregnancy this piece of gym equipment can offer a great workout in a short amount of time.

Recumbent Bicycle.

While using a traditional bicycle may be too hard on pregnant tushies, a recumbent bike offers a more comfortable seat, and like the rowing machine, maybe a better option for pregnant women who experience joint pain during pregnancy. A recumbent bike offers a great workout during pregnancy and requires no standing.

Exercise Ring.

An exercise ring, basically a hollow circle used for upper body exercising and stretching, can be a great piece of gym equipment for use during pregnancy. The exercise ring is a safe way to stretch back and belly muscles, which are overworked and/or underused during pregnancy.

Personal Trainer.

While a personal trainer is obviously not a piece of equipment, it is often a perk of a gym membership. If you have the opportunity to schedule a personal trainer, ask your gym for a trainer that has worked with pregnant women before.

A personal trainer with some pregnancy experience can suggest and demonstrate safe and effective workouts for use during pregnancy.

Medical Scale.

The final piece of gym equipment that can be helpful during pregnancy is the medical scale that all gyms are equipped with. This accurate scale can help you to keep your pregnancy weight gain in check to help you prevent overeating and gaining too much weight during this exciting and emotional time.

Free Weights.

Free weights are an appropriate piece of gym equipment for use during pregnancy. Unlike some resistance weight-bearing gym machines, free weights offer a better range of motion.

This range of motion can be beneficial to women during pregnancy and may help to prevent injury. When doing arm exercises at the gym, try free weights during pregnancy.

The amount you can lift is determined by your strength, technique, and the size and shape of the object. Lifting with poor technique puts a lot of strain on a lot of different parts of our bodies.

You should plan how you will lift the object before you begin lifting. Where the object is being moved. If you are unsure about the weight or size, ask for help with the lift.

Many injuries occur when lifting with combined movements like bending and twisting at the same time.

If the load is too heavy for you to lift, seek assistance or divide it into smaller loads. If you can use a mechanical aid to help you lift, do so.

Correct Methodology

  • Place your feet comfortably apart.
  • If possible, place feet around the load.
  • Bring your knees up to your chest.
  • Maintain the spine’s natural curves.
  • Bring the load as close to your body as possible.
  • Brace your abdominal muscles.

Regardless of how you go about your routine, you can be sure that your confidence in using the equipment will gradually grow as you continue – and you’ll be a fitness maestro in no time! Read more posts like that at the bags for gym blog!