Ultimate guide to raising pheasants


Pheasant food – The food you feed your pheasants will impact their health.

Be sure that you’re feeding your birds the appropriate protein content for the highest quality pheasants.

While they may hunt on their own, however, it is essential to ensure they are fed the right amount of protein.

In addition, the abundance of clean water is an important aspect to take be taking care of.


Description Of Pheasants

Pheasants are huge long-tailed game birds that are part of similar family members as partridges and Quals. Males are typically more attractive than females with more vibrant and longer tails.

On the other hand, females appear paler and less sized than males, with shorter tails.

In general, pheasants are found in open fields close to cover, such as copses, woodland edges, scrub, farmland, and wetlands.

Furthermore, they could fly, but only for short distances. If they’re in danger, they will likely prefer to walk across the ground. Further information on this can be found on this website:

Additionally, pheasants are ground feeders and consume fruit insects, seeds, and grains. small snakes, lizards, or even small animals.

The roosters at night stay in trees that are sheltered to avoid predators, such as the wild cat, and dog predators like foxes, and hawks, as well as other animals of the wild.

What are the food choices of pheasants?

Pheasants can be found to consume various bird seeds, grains, shoots, berries, and even insects. It’s possible that in winter, their diet includes more seeds, while in the summer months may see them eating more insects.

They usually are found on the ground but they may be observed feeding in trees.

In case you’d prefer to lure birds to your yard or even in your garden If you’re near the country, you can grab some of our high-quality sunflower heart seeds.

These seeds for birds are popular with pheasants as well as numerous other birds, too.

Sound of a call from a pheasant

Do you want to know what a pheasant’s voice sounds like? Check out the video below.

Male pheasants have been known to “crow” throughout the day. This could be similar to the Rooster. They can make a variety of sounds that could slightly differ, especially when they are in flight or when distressed.

Female pheasants make one sound to signal the danger they pose to their brood and another one to summon them to reunite.

Where do pheasants live?

Pheasants can be found all across the UK however, their family members are native to Asia. Pheasants are actually been introduced to the world to be a part of hunting and farming operations.

Pheasants build their nests in the ground and are not far enough from their winter range. Their nests typically consist of an open hole that female pheasants dig around about 1-3 inches in depth.

Pheasant Diet

The majority of pheasants are omnivores. This means they consume both animals and plants. But each species has an entirely different diet.

Certain species eat primarily fruit and seeds. The other species eat more often insects and other invertebrates.

Pheasants typically scratch the ground in search of food. They eat anything that they can.

Consider it safe to eat, such as grains, seeds, berries, and so on.

Nuts, seeds, berries roots, grains bulbs fruit, shoots, and more are just a handful of the various plant parts the pheasant can eat.

Additionally, they hunt for various kinds of invertebrates and insects. For instance, grasshoppers snails, worms larvae, caterpillars, insects, and so on.

Certain pheasants love to eat small vertebrates or insects.

If you keep pheasants within your yard, make sure to provide food for pheasants with the correct protein levels. Also, make sure to ensure that you have plenty of clean water to them.

The Nutritional Requirements of Pheasants

In the NSW Government “Department of Primary Industries” The requirements for pheasants’ nutrition are comparable to turkeys.

So, if not able to find a feed that is designed specifically for pheasants you can utilize turkey crumbles.

In nature, birds of prey have the ability to forage on their own – hunting for bugs, grains and worms, seeds, fruits, and everything else they can pick at.

However, it’s better to provide the same protein content in the food items.

If you can’t find pheasant feed or other birds feed that is available in your region Turkey feed is the best alternative to keep your pheasants eating an appropriate diet.

Note that different kinds of pheasants are likely to require different nutrition needs.

What Is The Best Pheasant Food?

Pheasant food is essential. A high-quality feed is essential to raise strong and healthy birds. Contrary to chickens and other fowls that lay eggs Pheasants require plenty of protein.

Here are some suggestions to help you to follow:

  • It is possible to use pre-starter feed with 29% protein, for the chicks to age from 0 at 3 to 4 weeks.
  • Between 3 and 7 weeks, feed the starter feed that contains 26 percent protein.
  • Between 7 and 24 weeks, you can use a feed for growing with 20 percent protein content.
  • For the last 24 hours, you can eat a diet that has a protein content of 14%. amount.

If you feed wild pheasants you’ll be the supplementation of their diets.

There are many bushes you can plant and garden plants that allow your pheasants naturally find food sources.

For example corn’s partridge peas, soybeans wheat, oats millets, berries, cowpeas, and other species are part of the pheasant’s diet.

In addition, you can also feed them with game bird feeders or provide the game birds with food.

Take note of your pheasant’s nutrition needs. Offering them more protein will provide an excellent effect on your birds particularly to ensure their health and the quality of their food.

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Where To Buy Pheasant Food?

The food for poultry is made up of several nutrients that are vital for the health of the bird, maintenance, and the production of feathers and eggs.

The sixth major nutrients of the pheasant feed ingredients are carbohydrates, protein and fats, vitamins, minerals, and water.

Pheasant food is available at any poultry store within your local area.

Do not forget to feed your pheasants the right percentage of protein so that they will raise the finest quality pheasants.

It is possible to shop around to find a feed for game birds. If you’re not able to locate it, then you can make use of a ration of turkey.


Due to the fact that the nutritional requirements for pheasants are similar to those of turkeys, their nutritional requirements can be similar.

Not just in the poultry store, there is also poultry food on the internet. There are numerous varieties that are available. The cost also differs based on the brand and the type.


Adults with full feathers can endure extremely frigid temperatures. They require plenty of energy in winter and require continuous access to food.

The pen needs to be protected against weather-related hazards like snowfall or powerful winds. In the summer, pheasants are found in the area of the pen that is shaded. Do not be afraid to observe that the birds are panting. Birds pant as they can’t sweat.


Pheasants are afflicted by three types of worms. The worms that affect pheasants comprise caecal Hair and Gape worms.

All of these types of worms can affect different areas of the bird, causing diverse issues. The only way to ensure your birds stay well and prevent the spread of worms is to regularly worm your pheasants. Worming is essential when you have chickens or other birds on your property.


Making sure you take all the necessary precautions to stop the disease from infiltrating your livestock can be of great interest.

The purchase of eggs or chicks through an established dealer can reduce the chance of spreading disease from one place to the next. In addition, new birds need to be screened for diseases and should not be mixed with the flock already in place.

The spread of disease can be between birds, but humans too can carry the disease’s agents. So, you should take steps to prevent access to your facilities for bird raising.

Numerous diseases can cause illness or cause the death of game birds. If you suspect the presence of a disease within your establishment, you should consult your vet. Remove dead birds in a timely manner to stop the spread of the disease.


Cannibalism is a major issue when raising Pheasants. Always keep an eye out for signs of cannibalism. The first sign you see is blood on the wingtips or tails of a few smaller birds.

Do not expect it to be gone; it could be worse. You can add some alfalfa and branches to the pen for your birds to peck and play with to keep them entertained.

It is possible to trim the beaks on the top of your birds in order to fix the issue.

If you are using clippers for your fingernails trim the beak enough to the point that it is bleeding a bit. This can be done at any time between two weeks old. However, it could need to be repeated in the future.
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