How to make good posture a habit :10 best home tips


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Often spend a good portion of our time on clothes, shoes, wallets to look beautiful. However, we forget that unless we have a correct posture, despite our efforts, they will project an image of youth and beauty.

It is not the same walk with a proud stance and right that in a very awkward or crouched like a sickle. Good posture is necessary in addition to aesthetics, even to improve our health, and that facilitates proper breathing and prevents back pain, neck, and shoulders.

In this sense, it is necessary to clarify the position goes bad wearing the intervertebral discs (shock absorbers), and loosening, pushes and pull muscles unevenly.

Exercise for good posture

It is recommended, if you want to project an image of Queen Beauty and, simultaneously, to avoid muscle pain, perform the following daily stretching workout:

The total length of the column:

Stand with knees slightly bent, hands should cross the front and once inhaled, stretch your hands up, palms up and raise also shoulders. Then exhale while pulling your shoulders down, fixing them firmly to your body. Keep your shoulders relaxed down slowly underarms.

Lateral flexion

Tilt your head to the right until touching the ear with his shoulder.  Call straighten and repeat this exercise in the opposite direction.

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Head `

Rotating head to look over his right shoulder. Back to the head center. Slowly turn your head to look over the left shoulder and head back downtown.  Repeat several times.

Hyperextension of the spine

Standing, place your hands on the hip and lean back very gently. The pelvis should go back. Finish with exercise the full extent of the column.

Strain relief

If you feel a pain in the neck because his head is slightly tilted forward, it can release that tension by the following exercise which involves making movements circular forward 15 times, as if trying to row a boat, and then backward.

You should keep your head up and turn in the direction of clockwise, repeat six to eight times the movement, and then circle in the opposite direction.

Exercise while sitting for long.

Place the thighs parallel to the floor, a hand on the lower back and the other in front of the abdomen.  Inhale and get the abdominal muscles.  Slide the lower back to the hips to the back. Exhale.

Beauty tips and recommendations for good posture

Look in the mirror

It is good practice to stand against a full-length mirror pending verification of the position.    For this, it is important to distribute the weight evenly on both feet and throw your shoulders back trying to keep them level.

Know who good posture when you can draw an imaginary straight line pass from the back of the ear, over the shoulder, back hip and knee, and ankle. For more fashion, health, and beauty tips check org.

Leaning against the wall

Another way to verify the correct position is to support the back and buttocks against a wall.  If you have taken a proper posture may Slide your hand between the hip and the wall.

 If the hand does not fit there or is tight, so Once its position is too right or, conversely, there is much room ( slightly thicker than your hand behind your back ), presents a problem position.

Lift one leg

If you will stand for a long time, advisable to place a box on the floor and then put a foot on it. This tension-free position back.

Check posture when sitting at his desk

 it is important when sitting, those thighs are parallel to the floor and also the knees are slightly higher than the hips. If no such position, the body will tend to lean forward and sink back which will cause the muscles to work more to keep your back straight.

Keep good posture in the car.

It is also necessary to maintain good posture in the car. This requires you to pull the seat toward forward to having the knees bent and slightly higher than hips, thighs parallel to the floor.

 It is advisable to put a cushion behind the lower back to support the curve of the back.

Do not cross your legs.

If you cross your legs when you are seated, alters the body’s natural alignment. For that reason, we recommend that when going to a beauty salon haircut, do not cross your legs, as even may, as a result, he badly cut his hair.  It is necessary to keep your feet firmly planted on the floor.

Sitting on the edge of the chair

To ensure that your position is perfect, especially when attending a job interview Many experts recommend sitting on the edge of a chair for the back right to remain as relaxed rest will not allow with shoulders thrown back against the back of the chair.

To avoid losing a balance should be put standing in the chair and extend the other to the front.

Sit well

To sit, it is necessary to accommodate up to feel the bones of the pelvis against the chair.

Keep your distance.

Do not rest your arms and elbows on the desk or table.  It is necessary to keep a distance of 15 to20 inches for wrists only to reach the edge of the area.  This may not adopt the position of shoulders fallen.

Incorrect sitting position leads to many health problems

Sleep well

It is necessary to maintain good posture even when you sleep, because otherwise, it may cause pain back.  To do so, avoid stomach sleeping because it stresses the back curve the best option is sleeping on your side with knees bent and with a sufficient cushion to make a thick head is even with the column or mouth up with a thin pillow under his head and a small under knees.

Use an adequate cushion

 A good mattress should be firm not to sink into it to bed or roll toward the center.

Staying Fit

It is important to exercise daily like walking, running, and swimming, among others to stretch the muscles and keep them in top shape which helps to maintain good posture.


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