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Moving to Chicago?

Tips to Help Your Move Go Smoother

Chicago has been a thriving part of the United States for many years and has a rich history in every part of the city. Additionally, it is not just a city that is exciting on the surface, but highly attractive to large companies. Currently, over 15 fortune, 500 companies dot the landscape in Chicago with more coming in each year. For those looking to move to Chicago, use these tips to help facilitate your move and allow you to adapt quickly to this part of the country.

Check the Weather

Weather is always a concern when moving, but in Chicago, it is especially important to check the weather forecast and radar frequently. Chicago is known as the Windy City and this is not just a nickname given for a small breeze. It was given due to Chicago’s unpredictable weather. Storms happen fast here and can occur at any time throughout the year, but are more frequent during the summer and winter months.

Keep Cash Hidden in Your Vehicle

Not all cities have toll roads, but Chicago still does and these toll booths have yet to be upgraded to take plastic. In the event you do not have money to pay for the toll, you can opt for a ticket, but you will pay an increased fee. It is best to just keep a little change somewhere out of sight in your vehicle. The small fee helps keep the roads up throughout the city and goes to other essential projects.

Winter Depression Can Happen

Even if you are used to an intense wintery climate, Chicago can be remarkably brutal. Winters here are not merely cold but filled with wind and rain. Many residents remain indoors for the bulk of the winter season and that can lead to depression issues. To avoid this, Chicago houses many indoor activities popular during the winter months. Invest in as many indoor activities with family and friends to avoid the very real possibility of winter depression.

Getting Around in Chicago

Like most larger cities, Chicago has a transit system. It is known as the CTA and is the fastest way to get around the city. However, the CTA is known for running behind schedule at times, so when using the public transit system allow for additional time to arrive on time at your destination. For those who choose to travel via their own private vehicle, busses may delay your travel and frequently stop throughout the city, so travel in the left lane when possible. Chicago is a great place to walk and bike, so for additional exercise consider these travel options as well.

Embrace Sports

Chicagoans are serious about their sports teams. The Chicago Bears are just one of the professional sports teams within this city. The Cubs and White Sox are the other major teams. Games happen frequently and even if the team is losing, the fans more than makeup for the disappointment. Chicago fans are among the most exciting enthusiastic fans around and even if you are not a sports fanatic, it pays to go to at least one game each year just for fun. You will not regret it.

Chicago is Serious About Hot Dogs and Other Authentic Foods

When moving to a city like Chicago, you can rest assured there are some traditions you will have to get used to. In Chicago, food is the most traditional aspect of living here. They like to eat and they like their food to be uniquely and authentically Chicago. That being said, you should refrain from asking for ketchup on your hot dog. Chicagoans have a strict no ketchup policy and some restaurants flatly refuse to apply the condiment to the dog. Stick with mustard, it will make you look like a local. Other foods to embrace are Chicago Style Pizza and the Classic Italian Beef Sandwich.

Beaches, Yes Beaches

Thinking of Chicago, you may not consider the option of a beach. However, the beaches are wildly popular in the city. Chicago maintains 26 miles of beach area for residents and visitors to enjoy and each area has its own unique aspects. Explore all the beaches of Chicago and find your perfect spot. Beaches are open during the summer months only, so while the heat is out, enjoy the sand and surf.

You Need a Storage Unit

Some cities offer large scale homes with endless storage options, but Chicago is not one of them. This city is growing and naturally, new developments often neglect essential storage areas in favor of making more apartments available. Storage units in Chicago are a lifesaver for those moving in to the city as it allows for you to fit everything in your new home without too much clutter. Storage units can be climate controlled or standard storage options, but ensure you rent one before you move into the city and keep it for additional storage needs.

Chicago is an amazing city and one to certainly consider for your next move. For those looking to move up the ladder of their career, Chicago offers endless opportunities and the diverse culture within the city allows for a true melting pot atmosphere. Chicago is a city that is all about tradition but still manages to embrace new ideas. Take the time to get to know the real Chicago for yourself and enjoy your move into this thriving part of the country.

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