What questions are asked when going on the pill

What questions are asked when going on the pill

Common questions about contraceptive pills

We need options to prevent pregnancy from occurring and for this we use alternates and such an example involves the intake of contraceptive pills. These pills prevent the process of ovulation by all means and the pills are 99.9% effective and are used by many around the world particularly women. When the egg is released it needs a sperm to fertilize. The process of egg release is called fertilization and body hormones promote the process but the intake of contraceptive pills avoids the ovulation or egg release thereby preventing the fertilization process that leads to pregnancy.

Common questions regarding contraceptive pills are listed below

Q1. Does the use of pills make you fat?

The answer to this is no for sure. The use of pills or other alternatives that are used for birth control are particularly less and none. Some women have taken contraceptive pills and have reported no increase in their body mass or weight. However sometimes or rarely women may develop an accumulation of fluid in the body that causes swelling but that’s also 4% true otherwise no weight gain is ever been reported so far and that is said by a doctor.


Q2.Can pregnancy occurs once a day every month

Well, that is not very complicated. When we have periods our body release eggs and that occurs on one day every month. The egg has the potential to stay in the body fresh for a maximum of 24 hours only but the sperm after intercourse can live for five days so if both and egg and sperm are present on that one day. Then all you know is that pregnancy is on cards and you must join an app that can help you determine that one day easier to get pregnant by all means.

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Q3. Can we have sex the day I start using pills without wearing a condom?

Well, doctors explain that after you start using pills or any other contraceptive pill it is important that you wear a condom regardless of the day of your period because the pills take about a week to get fully charged and to start showing their results. Therefore, if you are planning on stopping pregnancy you must ask your partner to keep wearing a condom for at least seven days because you do not want any risk to occur and for copper IUD you must prolong the wearing of the condom to prevent pregnancy.

Q4. Are your periods worsen with copper IUD?

Yes, it is a reason that people or women usually do not prefer wearing it as it not only increase the bleeding but causes pain and body ache too. But if you look towards the brighter side, it has many advantages. A copper IUD not only prevents pregnancy but if placed properly lasts for 10 years and you can use it while breastfeeding too so if you wish to make your periods worse but protect yourself from a large duration of pregnancy then copper IUD are a great option for you.

Q5. Use of pills cause infertility or not

Well, that is a myth for sure. There is no such thing as explaining that if you use pills or IUD or contraceptive patches the chances of becoming pregnant becomes nil then that is a lie you must not trust. The day you start discontinuing pills you will have the ability to become pregnant again. The thing that matters is the age, when you cross 35 years of age the potentials of becoming pregnant becomes difficult. Therefore, that is the point of all.

Q6. Should we have periods normal after the use of pills?

It is indeed normal not to bleed or have periods once you start using the pills. Because we all understand that, we need menstruation or bleeding for pregnancy, so if we are using pills we cannot expect to have normal bleeding every month. However sometimes during the intake of pills, we experience bleeding, which is called drawl bleeding, and it is fine. The day you stop pills you will have to bleed the normal way you want. So do not worry much if you are not having periods.

Q7. Are there any chances of losing IUD

Two complications or errors that might occur with IUD are expulsion and perforation. With expulsion, the copper or other IUD is slipped and gone off and with perforation, the positioning is changed, and trust me both complications are very rare and are not as such reported so relax. However, 3% of cases show expulsion but perforation is still very rare.

Q8. Are pills to be taken every day at the same time?

Yes, that right. Set a proper time at which every day you must take one pill with water and no side effects are seen. Even if you forget to take it then take it immediately either the same day or with another dose. There are two types of pills one is an oral contraceptive pill and the other is a mini pill. With our time is important but mini one is taken once within 24 hours and it sometimes does not prevent ovulation. So opt for oral pills Supplements for UTI.

Q9. Best way to birth control

Well, the type of birth control you need is determined by your body type. Some pills are the best way to prevent pregnancy while others opt for IUD either copper one or simple. So your lifestyle, way of eating and sitting determines the choice of alternative pills.

Q10 can cancer occur with pills?

These are all myths to a great extent. Well, people talk and rumor but we cannot believe everything people say. Sometimes we need to listen to our doctors who can explain us right and tell us the right thing to opt for. Doctors say that there are 1% chances of having breast cancer with pills but in a good way, the pills reduce the chances of uterine or ovarian cancer. Therefore, there are very few chances of risking life and getting cancer. You got to trust the doctor and your body.

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Wrap up!

Do not believe in myths whether it is related to cancer or getting infertility. Do not. Trust your body and the statement of a doctor. Depending on body type, the type of pills or another alternative for birth control you chose depends entirely on you so hang in there!