Get rid of fordyce spots at home

(Last Updated On: 2019-06-07)

Get rid of Fordyce Spot with the Right Remedy

People suffering from Fordyce spots have to go through a tough time. What are Fordyce spots? They are white and yellowish bumps which occur either on your lips or inside the cheeks. As a matter of fact, the Fordyce spots does not take place due to any kind of disease. In the majority of cases, some are not even noticeable. Do not confuse Fordyce with any other less benign condition.

What causes the Fordyce spots?

They are a natural part of our anatomy. For your information, they are also present when you are born, however, until puberty they are not much visible. Due to hormonal changes, there is a chance that they get enlarged.

They are about 1 to 3 millimeter in diameter and are usually found in or around the lips and cheeks. Interestingly, they appear in a symmetrical manner on both sides.

For example, oil glands are called sebaceous and they are usually linked with the follicles of hair. Fordyce spots that appear on your skin, where there is no hair. Perpetually they develop in isolated areas and at times cluster together.

Therefore, the edge of the lips os the inner areas of the cheeks are the probable areas. Why we spoke about oil glands is because Fordyce constitutes some kinds of granules. they are harmless and therefore, they do not come in contact with the hair on the skin.

Let us now discuss how anyone can treat Fordyce spots.

Micro Punch Surgery

Doctors use this technique to effectively eliminate spots from affected areas. So, before the micro punch surgery, you are given local anesthesia. Then, doctors use a device which is pen-like and punch the spots to remove them completely. Moreover, the process does not leave behind any scar or mark on the skin.

Laser treatment

Doctors may use carbon-dioxide and laser process to eliminate your Fordyce spot. But, laser treatment has a tendency to leave behind scars. As a matter of fact, lasers come with concentrated rays of light and all come at a different wavelength and if you go for pulsed dye, then that might be scary.

Topical Treatments

This kind of treatments remove or shrink the spots. The spots contain bichloracetic acid and topical tretinoin or oral isotretinoin. Doctors recommend to combine topical treatments along with the laser treatment. But, there is a chance of side effects, such as inflammation or may be sensations like burning.

Additional Treatments to remove Fordyce

 There are several other treatments that include cauterization and electrodesiccation. Without treatment Fordyce spots generally fade and the most essential part is to consider them to be normal. People may face spots due to a lot of reasons.

Such as cosmetic rashes, irritation with ayurvedic cream and others. It is recommended that you do not forcefully pull or squeeze any spot. However, we cannot even assure you of any such scientific remedies that can help you remove the spots. So, if the problems increases, visit a doctor.





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