How to get rid of dandruff at home permanently: 10 home remedies

Natural anti dandruff shampoo 1
Natural anti dandruff shampoo 1

What is dandruff?

How to get rid of dandruff at home permanently

Dandruff is primarily a result of a dry scalp or a skin condition called seborrheic dermatitis. Other causes may include eczema, psoriasis, or even an overgrowth of a yeast-like fungus called Malassezia. There are tons of shampoo brands promoting their anti-dandruff shampoo in the US market.

Well, there’s one thing you should keep in mind – you may like various brands of such shampoos because of the smell, effect, or even the model endorsing the brand, but the truth is that in the long run, they potentially cause problems like weak hair roots and split ends.

Dandruff and Dry Scalp 4-21′ It is often an embarrassing situation because of its overt manifestation; dry scalp is much like any other skin problem. At some time or the other, most people suffer the effects of dry scalp.
It leads to flaky white scalp layers or dandruff dislodging from the skin and falling all over our clothing. While skin sheds all the time, it is usually the scalp that reacts more intensely to the change in lifestyle, diet, or weather, and as a consequence, the number of dry scalp cases is constantly rising.

Causes of hair scalp dandruff

how to get rid of dandruff at home permanently

  • Air pollution
  • Head and dry hair
  • Alkaline shampoos
  • An unbalanced diet
  • Stress
  • not shampooing enough
  • Oily skin
  • Dry skin
  • Brushing your hair regularly

Dandruff Happens Due to Dry Skin

Many people have dry skin, and dry skin is more prone to have dandruff. It is also seen that cold-weather air also causes itchy and flaking skin. It happens when the skin usually gets drier than usual.

Not Maintain the Hair Care Properly

When you maintain your hair properly, then dandruff doesn’t happen. Dandruff happens when you brush your hair improperly and do not cleans the comb. Then over time, you will experience dandruff.

Whenever you comb your hair, you remove the dead cells from the hair. Not proper combing for a certain period eventually develops dandruff and increases the dead skin cells on the scalp.

Not Doing Shampoo

Not doing shampooing properly increases the dead skin cells, accumulates oil on the scalp, and causes dandruff.

Mental Stress

Stress is the reason behind hair loss, and it’s seen that being constantly stressed increases the chances of skin problems. Many researchers believe that the high level of stress creates pain in the immune system which usually affects the physical and mental balance. The development of dandruff starts from here.

There are cases where the dandruff is itchy; it happens where the stress can “perpetuate an itch-scratch cycle,” i.e., when any person scratches at their scalp, the itching becomes more. And many other complications face social and self-esteem problems.

Certain Diseases

Certain diseases like heart diseases, Parkinson’s disease, and poor immunity are the causes behind the development of dandruff.

Yeast Allergy

Yeast is a fungus that is present in the atmosphere. Some people face years of allergy, which is the known problem for dandruff.


When you are exposed to specific things like soap, jewelry, cosmetic products, fragrances, etc., this can develop dandruff and increase the reaction on the scalp. Sometimes people who use sprays and gel on their hair suffer from dandruff. This happens when the skin is sensitive and many harsh chemicals are there, which increases the problem.


Diet is also the reason behind dandruff as it increases the chances of poor immunity in the body. It is consuming enough foods that contain nutrients like zinc, B vitamins, and proteins.

Well, here are some natural products that are more effective than anti-dandruff shampoos and are free of side effects:

How to get rid of dandruff at home permanently

How to get rid of dandruff at home permanently

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has heaps of beneficial properties for your hair, and It also helps to get rid of dandruff and protects the scalp from any further unwanted damage.


The roughness of regular table salt does a  great job of scrubbing dandruff out of your hair ahead of shampooing. Use a saltshaker to shake a bit of salt into the dry scalp.
And then, working it right through the hair, massage your scalp. You’ll notice that the flaky, dry skin has vanished, and you will be ready for a good shampoo.


To treat a terrible dandruff, use your usual shampoo to wash your hair and then rinse using a mouthwash containing alcohol. You can then finish the process using your regular conditioner.

Baking Soda

  • Get your hair wet and massage a bit of baking soda right into the scalp.
  • Doing this each time you have a hair wash, but just using baking soda and no shampoo does wonder.
  • Hair may become overly dry to start with. But later on, in a couple of weeks, the scalp will begin
  • making natural oils, making your hair even softer and no more flakes.
  • Wash your hairs, and rub a handful of baking soda into your scalp.
  • Rinse your hair. Baking soda reduces dandruff-causing fungi to a considerable level.
  • This prevents your hair from becoming a home for these dandruff-causing agents.
  • Your hair may get dried out at first, but your scalp will start producing natural oils after a few weeks.
  • This would make your hair softer and healthier.
  • Make sure that you do it not more than once a week.

Dandruff Shampoo

The ingredients of many dandruff shampoos all target different outcomes. Zinc pyrithione will target bacteria and fungi; ketoconazole will also fight fungi; selenium sulfide and coal tar will slow down the spread of dying scalp skin cells; salicylic acid will dislodge scalp flakes, so they get rinsed away. If anyone does not work correctly, buy a few different sorts, and change them around a bit.

Vitamin E

Using jojoba oil, olive oil, and various natural lotions containing vitamin E on the affected hair will help prevent the scalp from dryness. Vitamin E creams are suitable for many skin conditions, and they are excellent home remedies for dry scalp.

Almond and Olive

Massage a mixture of equal amounts of almond and olive oil to your hair, leave it on for 5 minutes and then wash off using a mild shampoo.


Boil some dried thyme in 2 cups of water for 10 minutes and once the concoction cools down, massage your scalp with it. Then after leaving it on your scalp for half an hour, wash off using water.

Neem Oil

Apply neem oil to your dry, itchy scalp to relieve scalp redness and initial psoriasis conditions. For better effects, add a spoon of camphor to the neem oil before massaging it into your scalp. This is also a good remedy for psoriasis and a great treatment option for a dry scalp.


  • You can eliminate dandruff by rubbing a couple of tbs of lemon juice right into the scalp and rinsing with water.
  • Mix just one tsp of lemon juice into a cup of water, and then wash your hair using the mix.
  • Repeat this activity each day or till dandruff goes away.
  • The itchy scalp will dissipate, and your hair will again smell fresh.

Tea Tree Oil

While planning to wash your hair, add a few drops of tea tree oil to water.
  • Now wash your head thoroughly.
  • It would remove existing dandruff and prevent this problem in the future.
  • You can use it once a week.
  • Tea tree oil is a herb that will help treat your dandruff problem.
  • You have to apply it to your scalp or mix it with your shampoo for relief from dandruff.

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Apple cider vinegar

Another effective home remedy treatment involves using vinegar.

  • Mix two spoons of vinegar with six scoops of water and apply this to the scalp using cotton swabs before sleeping.
  • Wash your hair thoroughly the following day, and rinse with vinegar water.
  • This should be repeated once a week for three months for optimum relief from dandruff.
  • The acidity of apple cider vinegar changes the pH of your scalp.
  • This makes it harder for the yeast to grow.
  • Take a quarter cup of apple cider vinegar and a quarter cup of water in a spray bottle used in a salon.
  • Now spritz on your scalp.
  • Then gist wraps your head in a towel.
  • Let it sit for 15 minutes to an hour. Then, wash your hair as usual.
  • It would help if you tried this twice a week.

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Coconut oil

Massage 3-5 tablespoons of coconut oil into your scalp. Let it sit for about half an hour or so. After that, just shampoo with any one of the natural methods. You can also look for a natural shampoo that already contains coconut oil.


  • Open your refrigerator, and grab some lemons.
  • You need to massage two tablespoons of lemon juice into your scalp.
  • Then, rinse your hair.
  • Then, stir one teaspoon lemon juice into 1 cup of water for conditioning.
  • Rinse it thoroughly and then dry them.
  • This method can be used every day.
  • Try using it regularly until and unless dandruff leaves your scalp.
  • The reason behind the benefits of this method is the acidity of lemon that balances the pH level of your scalp.
  • This easily keeps out dandruff.

Table salt

Just grab a saltshaker. Shake some salt onto your dry scalp. After that, give your scalp a massage. You’ll see that you’ve worked out the dry, flaky skin and are ready for shampoo.

Just use any of those above natural DIY shampoos to wash your hair. This remedy is for removing preexisting dandruff and can be called a pre-shampoo.

Treatments for Dandruff

To treat dandruff, you need to consult with a hair-related doctor. Nowadays, many people are consulting doctors known for Hair Transplant in India as they are recommended by various organizations like ABHRS, ISHRS, and  AAHRS.

Some standard treatment recommended by experts are:

Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Doctors recommended using a mild shampoo. As there are various options available in anti-dandruff, picking the right one is a hard job. Experts can advise this. A mild anti-dandruff shampoo not only removes the flakes but also helps to restore the natural thick hair.

Curd and Lemon

Experts do not recommend this, and it is used by many people who benefit from it. Both lemon and curd are known for the cure of dandruff. Add a few drops of lemon juice into the curd and apply that mixture to the scalp.

Just leave this for an hour and wash the scalp with water. Try to repeat this method twice a day.

Some Other Home Remedies to Get Rid of Dandruff

Apple cider vinegar

This can reduce the yeast from growing on the scalp. Mix a quarter cup of apple cider vinegar with water and spray it on the scalp for better results must-do for a week. 

Apply Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a “tried and true” dandruff treatment, and it smells nice too. Before showering, massage 3-5 tablespoons of coconut oil into your scalp and allow it to sit for about an hour. Shampoo normally. You can also look for a shampoo that already contains coconut oil.

 Use Lemon Juice

Lemon is good for the scalp and well work for dandruff. To get rid of dandruff, massage your scalp with two tablespoons of lemon juice and rinse with water. Lemon can balance the pH level of the scalp and make hair stronger.

 Apply Baking soda

Some everyday ingredients you use in your kitchen, such as baking soda, may hold the key to an itch-free, flake-free scalp. Wet your hair and then rub a handful of baking soda vigorously into your scalp and rinse after a few minutes.

To reduce the overactive fungus on the scalp, use baking soda. The first few days’ hairs get dried up, and after a few days of using your scalp, start naturally producing natural oils which keep the scalp free from flakes.

Prevention of Dandruff

hair dye and different products often contain chemicals that can irritate sensitive
scalp skin. This leads to contact dermatitis. Fragrances are the most common cause
of contact dermatitis on your hair scalp.

Some of the Products are listed below

  • Formaldehyde
  • Detergents
  • Bleach
  • Natural or artificial fragrance