Get Rid of Dark lips

dark lips remedy
dark lips remedy

This Article will tell you how to get rid of dark lips naturally and make it pink

How to get rid of dark lips

Causes of dark lips


  • 1. Lifestyle and Habits
  • 2. Lip Cosmetics/Products
  • 3. Anemia
  • 4. Bad Eating Habits
  • 5. Lentigo
  • 6. Toxins and Poisoning
  • 7.Smoking
  • 8. Dehydration
  • 9.Caffeine and Hot Beverages
  • 10. Not Taking Care of Lips
  • 11.injuries and allergic reactions
  • 12.Inappropriate dental fixtures may also cause darkness on the lips. But, it is rare.\13.You may get an allergy from particular toothpaste. Allergy creates darkness on the lips lastly.
  • 14.Hormonal changing levels for infection, age, and diseases are also responsible for black lips.

Home Remedies for dark lips

Remedy 1

  • Squeeze a lemon and apply the juice on your lips before going to bed.
  • Follow this simple remedy daily for one to two months.


Remedy 2


  • Take a thin slice of lemon,
  • sprinkle a bit of sugar on top and rub it on your lips.
  • It will exfoliate dead cells so new; fresh skin can appear.
  • Use this remedy daily for a few weeks.


Remedy 3

You can prepare a mixture of one-half teaspoon each of lemon juice, glycerin, and honey.

Apply it on your lips before going to bed. Do this daily until you see positive results.


Remedy 4 Video tutorial


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