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Foods to eat at night and foods to avoid

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Dr Rati Parwani
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Food to eat and avoid at night

Addicted to late-night snack Most people spurn the adage “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper” But do we follow it? The answer is no. Maybe because its the pace of life which leaves little room for more than quick breakfast and lunch during the typical weekday. But circadian rhythms – the internal body clock that regulates sleep and other cycles based on light and darkness may also be the factor.

Halt before you snack

Ask yourself “Am i physically hungry?” then directly go for tip number 2 On the other hand if you just ate dinner ask yourself “What is really going on that is making my desire to snack right now so high” Is it simply out of habit or Is it that you are feeling anxious angry or overwhelmed lonely or depressed tired or bored. If you eat due to any of these soon hunger reasons try to take a little rest.

Choose smart and portion it out, Unfortunately in the wee hours of the morning when you in the mercy of vending machines, pizza delivery or 24-hour convenience store snacks or instant cuppa noodles. Many of these convenience foods are high in fat and sugar and low in nutrition. Munching them all night can cause or result in low emotional and physical well being. Instead, think of meal food rather than snacks. Your late-night eating is more like a midnight mini-meal .with definite start and finishes rather than endless munching
A midnight mini-meal is no good for your physical well being.

It just stores unwanted fat in the body making it difficult to burn it in the long run during the day. Another benefit of meal food rather than snack food is that it has some kind of protein in it. Protein helps be satiated (full and satisfies) so you will less likely to go to the kitchen. Late-night hunger pangs can also create problems and lead to an eating disorder if your stress levels are high or unwanted use of sugar. One must be careful and keep of healthy peanuts without salt handy to get rid of hunger pangs

Try these midnight mini-meals ideas

  • A small box of whole-grain cereal with fat-free milk or low-fat milk
  • A cup of low-fat yoghurt sprinkled with high fibre cereal
  • A small dish of low-fat cottage cheese and canned
  • Fresh fruits
  • Sting cheese with a piece of fresh fruit or few whole-grain crackers
  • A small cup of boiled soybeans
  • A handful or snack of your favourite nuts
  • A small whole wheat pita with hummus
  • Half turkey sandwich
  • A packet of tuna with whole-grain crackers
  • A small rice cake spread with natural peanut butter
  • Apple slices with natural peanut butter
  • Low fat small frozen dinner with low sodium
  • Canned tomato or broth-based soup

If you are choosing a sports bar look for one low in sugar and high in protein and fibre
Nachni or ragi stuffed chapattis with yoghurt from low-fat milk.

  • Boiled vegetable and stock with soup
  • Boiled chicken broth with soup
  • Stock up
  • Stock up foods high in fibre like carrots and beetroots which increase your red blood cell count and eat healthy fruits which are juicy and enriched with vitamins.
  • Munch on peanuts and soynuts with chana dal low in sodium and rich in protein which will keep you full throughout the remaining part of the night
  • Avoid oily and deep-fried food which is not only good for health but also bad for your heart and cardiovascular system as it may lead to obesity.
  • Avoid caffeine which can cause disturbed sleep and sleepless night
  • Avoid heartburn inducing drinks and tea which can cause difficulty in the help you fall asleep

Tips for foods at night

Complex carbs skip the white bread, refined pasta, sugary and baked goods which may reduce the serotonin levels and impair sleep. A cup of bedtime tea A nightly cup of bedtime tea sans caffeine can be just perfect to create a destressing environment for you .chamomile, ginger and peppermint tea can have calming effects. Warm milk Scientifically there has been a link between the tryptophan and melatonin content of milk, but perhaps more powerful is the psychological link between warm milk and bedtime as a child. Just like hot tea a warm drink of milk can provide a perfect soothing backdrop for a relaxing bedtime routine.


If having insomnia have two kiwis before bed can increase your sleep duration by over an hour over the month. Other fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants like berries plums and raisins may help in improving the quality of sleep .these fruits contain melatonin that helps you sleep faster. Banana pineapple and oranges are good for the overall health of the body and can help you with your hunger as well as Dark green leafy vegetables Need another reason to consume it?

It is good for health and there is a link between folic acid deficiency and sleep-related issues .ensure that you are getting enough folic acid Easy to digest carbs Eating carbs releases serotonin which is a chemical that regulates your sleep and wake cycle Make a mini-meal containing easily digestible carbs like brown rice and quinoa and a small amount of lean protein or fish. Or if you don’t feel like cooking at all a piece of whole-grain toast with peanut butter and some cinnamon is a great option


having a substantial snack like a bowl of oats with low-fat milk or low-fat yoghurt with some crackers is a healthy late-night snack. Oats is good for keeping the cholesterol in check which can help in the healthy heart in the long run

Your metabolic rate slows down at night but it doesn’t stop. When it comes to weight management its better to eat your biggest meal around the day time when you are most active but in general, your total calories matter more than the timing and reasonable snack that satisfies your hunger before bed isn’t enough to derail your healthy eating benefits. If you are going to eat before bed pick something relatively light and leave some buffer time before you lay down.

Avoid too big meal since your body will have to work to digest harder which might keep you awake. And don’t go immediately horizontally after you eat spending some time sitting up, reading watching TV, doing the dish this reduces the risk of indigestion and acid reflux.

If you notice any acid reflux symptoms don’t eat within the hour of laying down A nighttime snack of around 250 calories with complex carbs and proteins is the right choice as they release serotonin which when digested helps you to calm down as it is a kind of myth that you won’t burn off anything you eat right before bed. So if you are hungry you should eat no matter how late it is. It will you so that you don’t go hungry to bed which will result in no sleep because if you go to sleep bed hungry you won’t sleep which is probably the worse .studies show that food consumed too late anywhere after dinner could lead to night eating syndrome. It affects your sleep and wake cycle.

The body is more likely to store those calories rather than burn it as energy. Eating out of rhythm at late night may prompt weight gain. Not enough research has been done on prompt late eating to determine the timing and more importantly the type of food often consumed at night. People often tend to choose high palatable item sweet and salty foods which tend to be more caloric when they are tried have restrained themselves all day.

Despite the regularity, being hungrier at 8 pm is more people are than 8 am. People also have more cravings for sweet and salty food and starchy foods in the evening. Hormones may also be driving us to eat late. Cortisol and adrenaline, two hormones that follow the natural circadian rhythm cycle by 3 pm the energy rolls down as the body prepares for the end of the day. That is fine if you are shutting down too or planning for the end of the day and having dinner by 7 pm. The focus on energy fluctuates and drops down at work. This is not good for people working late at night or staying awake for too long. So for the energy boost, many people go to the coffee machine to stay awake.

These signals are not good for the body because you know that you are making mistakes having high sugar and high-fat food So the solution to this is exercise or keep yourself occupied which is a game-changer and you must include it in your daily routine to stop having those cravings is a fantastic solution.

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