Natural flea killer for house

natural flea killer for house

How to make home remedies for fleas

Raising a pet is one of the most popular favorite activities in modern life; however, it is not a piece of cakes. When you decide to raise a pet, you should be willing to deal with some attached problems, and fleas stand first. Fleas adore your furry friends; they suck their pets’ blood and even your blood. Your thirst for eliminating them straight away; but you do not want to expose your pets to toxic chemicals coming from industrial products. Don’t worry as some effective home remedies are always by your side.

Dish soap, water, and light

To make this home remedy, it is simpler than you think.

  • Prepare a medium-sized bowl, and fill it with dish soap and an appropriate amount of water.
  • Put this bowl in the middle of the most-infested area in your home at night.
  • To gain the best effect, don’t forget to install a light above your bowl.
  • Light plays a role as a fleas’ attractant, and dish soapy water is considered as an inescapable trap.
  • Leave all aside over the night.
  • Check it in the next morning, and you will be astounded.

Moreover, soapy water is also known as a perfect treatment for flea bites. It does not only help to soothe the irritation caused by flea bites, but also expel them from your cute pets.


Surprising! Salt is one of the most effective remedies for fleas. No need to add any substance to this remedy. Open your kitchen cupboard, take out some salt, and thoroughly sprinkle it into your carpets. Immediately, the salt will start to dehydrate fleas, especially adult fleas. Don’t touch your carpets up to 2 days in order to let salt perform most. However, never dismiss it from your mind as after several days, it is highly possible for salt to make your carpets damp, especially in the wet areas. Much like salt, baking soda can be used instead. After 2 days of treatment, keep forward to vacuuming all over your sweet house, and throw away all dead fleas.


Natural flea killer for house

According to experts, garlic is offensive to fleas. As a result, people, besides using garlic as an indispensable material for food recipes, make use of them to expel pests. In the daily meal, add a small amount of garlic into your pets’ dish, which will keep fleas off your pets. In addition, homeowners also make garlic spray to spray inside and outside their house. Chop garlic and boil it with a proper amount of water. Leave to rest at least 30 minutes, then filter the mixture. No need to apply the heavy spray as the light one is enough. Too heavy liquid might kill beneficial bugs in your yard.

Vinegar or Lemon

If one of your family members can’t stand the smell of garlic spray, is there any alternative? The answer is absolutely yes. Another kitchen material, which is believed as one of the favorable home remedies for fleas is cider vinegar. Acidity in vinegar drives any fleas insane, and there is no option but to escape from the applied environment as fast as possible. Much like vinegar, lemon is also chosen instead. The process is the same as that of garlic. Slice thinly and boil it. Filter and apply the spray to your furniture, carpets, curtains. Don’t soak, just wet.

Essential oil

For the most part, fleas often hate essential oils. Some common types of essential oils you often see are peppermint, rosemary, and lavender. Because of this reason, why don’t you consider planting these fragrant plants? They not only make your garden look more beautiful, your house more attractive, but also keep fleas away from your home. The best position to plant them is in front of your doors and windows, which will prevent fleas from jumping into your house. Sprayingessential oils every two weeks can help you break down the nightmare named “fleas”.

Diatomaceous earth

Sound strange to you?

But it is very common if anyone who wants to get rid of fleas. Are you finding a non-toxic to pets and humans? Diatomaceous earth, a very fine powder, is your solution. Like salt, it is a dehydration agent. Sprinkle the thin layer of powder all over your infested areas. Leave it to rest within 2 days, and vacuum religiously. Afterward, you totally can apply lemon spray for prevention.

What do you think about these home remedies for fleas? Sure that they are cost-effective and bring you the satisfying results. If possible, you can mix two or three remedies for the best effect. No matter what remedy you apply, never “haste makes waste” as it needs time and your patience.


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