How to Choose the Flat Iron for Any Hair Type

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5 Home remedies for a dark neck 1

A flat iron makes an integral part of every woman’s daily beauty routine. Be it preparing for an important official meeting or friends reunion, the ultimate hair styling tool, a flatiron gives you numerous ways to experiment with your look.

  • But is it that easy to buy a flat iron?
  • Which is the best flat iron in the market?
  • The quest is surely a confusing one!

But do not worry; we are here to help you out with the decision. Here are a few things/ features that you need to pay special attention to buy the right styling tool, or else you might just end up with the wrong flat iron.

What are we talking about? Read on to know more about how to Choose the Flat Iron for Any Hair Type

1.   The Right Plate Type

What most women fail to understand is that flat iron has plates made from variable materials where each serves a different purpose.

●       Titanium

Talk about titanium plates and you’ll be sure that the iron will last longer, so questioning its durability is a big NO! Moreover, titanium plates store heat for much longer and are known for even distribution of heat, giving you long-lasting straightened strands of hair to be proud of. BUT flat irons with these plates are quite expensive!

●       Ceramic

A flat iron with ceramic plates is fairly cheaper. Further, it can be used for every hair type, except more coarse and frizzy ones because as compared to other plates, the ceramic plates neither hold heat for much longer nor distribute it evenly.

And yes, it wears over time!

●       Tourmaline

Tourmaline plates in flat irons are ideal for frizzy hairs as much as it is great for all hair types. Tourmaline produces negative ions that help lock in moisture, controls frizz, and gives you perfectly straightened, shiny hairs to boost about.

But because tourmaline is made from gemstones, these plates tend to wear over time, questioning the durability of these irons.

2.   Thermostat/Temperature

Because we are dealing with hot styling hair tools here, considering the thermostat along with the hair type is pretty crucial when buying a flat iron.


This is because every flat iron comes with different features including variable temperature settings that are targeted towards different hair types. Let’s be more clear!

Ladies with thick curly hair know how difficult it is to style them. You need a super-hot flat iron to get the perfect-looking straight cut or else you’ll be only wasting money.

On the contrary, ladies with thin, wavy hair or even thin silky hair do not need to expose their hairs to extreme heat, or else it’ll only cause damage. Hence, when choosing a flat iron, know your hair type first and then opt for the right set of tools.

Women with thick, coarse, and curly hair should go for a straightener with higher temperature settings for best results while others can go with settings that range between 300-380 degrees.

3.   The Shape

When investing in an expensive hair styling tool, you wouldn’t limit yourself to one specific style only, of course! Thus, if you wish to utilize your flat iron for experimenting with curls too, consider the shape of the iron.

Flat irons with round edges can easily be used for curling hairs as compared to ones with sharp edges. Hence, what purpose do you need the iron for will help you choose the right shape?

4.   The Width of the Plates

So once you’ve decided to curl with your flat iron and opted for the round-edged iron, the next question is the width of the plates. Is it important?

Yes, of course!

Wider plates are ideal for thicker and longer hairs and give you a fair chance at experimenting with long waves or short locks equally well.

On the other hand, ladies with shorter or damaged hair should go for iron with narrower plates so the heat exposure is minimized decreasing further heat damage.

5.   Technology

Confused with the terms “infrared” or “floating plates” mentioned on the box? No, these aren’t here only to make you think fancy about the flat iron, but these serve their purpose in one way or another.

●       Zone sensors

The zone sensors ensure the heat is stored within the plates and distributed evenly to give you the perfect results, reducing the chances of developing hot and cold spots when straightening.

●       Far Infrared

Flat irons that come with far infrared technology use heat to straighten hairs from inside out, saving the cuticles from hair damage so your hairs remain healthy and shiny.

●       Floating plates

Floating plates adjust according to your hair type, gripping them better for even heat distribution and performance.

6.   Ease of Use

Straightening hair is no joke! It takes a lot of time and effort to get the perfect-looking shiny, straightened hair, and thus, when choosing a flat iron, go for one that is “user friendly”.

How will you decide? Consider the following tips:

●       Swivel cord

How annoying it is to untangle the cord every time, right? You now get flat irons that come with swivel cords that make handling it easier.

●       Fast Heat Up

Are you getting late for your important office meeting? And the straightener is taking an age to heat up? The thought is surely scary on its own! Hence, go for a flat iron that heats up within minutes, saving both your time and energy.

●       Auto switch-off

This is fairly important too! Sometimes ladies in a hurry forget to unplug their straightener which can result in unthinkable consequences. To avoid such accidents, most brands have introduced flat iron with an auto switch-off feature, cutting down on energy consumption up to a whopping 70%.

The Final Verdict

Decisions like these are never easy for a woman because let’s admit it, you can never take a risk with your hairs! Thus, if you’re on the lookout for the best flat iron for yourself, try these tips and you’ll be thanking us later. Go ahead and shop for the right tool and style away!



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