Fight dry winter skin with these serums


Winters can get harsh on your skin and it’s during times like these that you realize the importance of good skin serum. There are various brands available in the market, but figuring out which ones will work well for your skin can be a task especially when you don’t know much about skincare or which serums you should work with. If you’re planning to look after your skin the right way this winter then here are some amazing serums you can put your money on without stressing about whether or not they will be a good investment.

Ferulic Acid Serum

One of the best things about using a ferulic acid serum is it helps to brighten dull complexions. There are various pollutants in the air these days and using this serum helps to reverse the harsh effects of these pollutants. Apart from brightening your complexion, it also helps with correcting hyperpigmentation and avoids discolouration. If discolouration has already happened, then this ferulic acid serum is perfect to correct the discolouration and give an even skin tone all over your face. Apart from the pollutants, stress is also a factor when it comes to ruining the complexion of your face or causing your skin to age too soon. This serum helps to reverse these signs of ageing and gives you skin that you will be proud of. No matter what the weather conditions or what you are going through in your head, this ferulic acid serum will not let your skin complexion and tone get affected.

Squalane Oil

In winters your skin tends to get dry and stretchy. This amazing serum is a great buy this winter because not only does Squalane oil help to prevent moisture loss during extreme climates, it also prevents your skin from getting dull and patchy. This serum might be oil-based, but it feels light on the skin and when you use it you don’t need to worry about your skin feeling greasy or sticky. You can use the serum during the day and even apply generous amounts of it at night before you head to bed. The serum has amazing nourishing properties that make is a great moisturizer for your body and your chapped lips too.


Another amazing serum to use is the matrix serum. This serum helps to bring back the fairness that your skin has lost. Various factors cause the skin to lose fairness and texture. This serum helps to restore fairness and bring back that glow.

When it comes to choosing the right serum for winters you should always take into consideration the nourishment your skin will need and also the fact that you need to keep it hydrated. While there are many options out there, these three happen to be the best ones you can find that won’t let your skin dry out. If you want your skin to feel supple, bouncy and fresh this winter, get your hands on one of these serums today.